how can I distract myself while organizing my clutter?
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How can I distract myself so I do not become too bored?

I can't watch tv because that would take away too much focus. I was thinking of listening to an audiobook. I would like something that I could absorb myself in for at least a day that will still allow me to complete my task.
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I always find good music, preferably something upbeat that you know well and can sing along with, helps a lot. Works for things like dusting or washing windows too. Or podcasts.
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I actually find TV to be better for this than podcasts, it just has to be TV you don't care too much about. Podcasts tend to be pretty information dense and if you zone out for a couple minutes you've missed something important. USA buddy comedies or bad reality TV or whatever else you find mildly interesting but not compelling, usually works better.
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We like the Harry Potter audiobooks a lot, or podcasts like This American Life (which I listen to every night while cleaning the kitchen).
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No Such Thing as a Fish is a great podcast for this as it's the researchers for the QI quiz show talking about facts and they don't spend much time on any one fact.
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What about comedy albums? That might be light enough to not have to listen to very intently, but still would be nice background noise.
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Podcasts or junk TV.
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An audiobook of a book you have read before and really liked works well for this. You know you'll enjoy the content but if you don't pay attention here and there you won't get lost because you already know the story.
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I agree about tv over podcasts or audiobooks. I would go for marathons of Law & Order personally.
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I found the iProcrastinate podcast incredibly helpful in keeping me on task as I was doing necessary but tedious household tasks.
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Invite a friend who is both organized and interesting company.
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Did you listen the podcast Serial? It's fantastic and addictive. Make a rule you can only listen to it while doing tedious chores, and those chores will become less tedious!
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Yup I do audiobooks when I have big cleaning/organizing/moving projects. The most recent one I did while building eleventybillion bookcases was Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman.
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Audiobooks are my go-to for any task like this - cleaning, painting, decluttering...
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I listen to Judge John Hodgman, personally. But, just to be obnoxious, here's Thich Nhat Hanh's take on distraction: Washing the Dishes to Wash the Dishes. Not that I'm ever capable of doing that for more than a couple minutes at a time.
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N'thing "lightweight" audiobooks like Harry Potter, Sherlock Holmes (or other classics).
The only problem for me is finding one with tolerable reading, but hopefully you're not as persnickety as I am. I find anything visual or with substantial production (ala podcasts) to be horribly distracting.
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I often watch this Canadian reality show called 'Love it or list it' when I'm cleaning or decluttering (on US Netlix). Each episode is indentical to the previous one so I don't really need to pay attention to know where I am in the story and it's about home makeovers, which is very motivational when you're doing a kind of makeover too.
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I like to watch Hoarders when I am cleaning. Totally inspired to clean while watching that show! :)
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Listen to Adam Savage's podcast about Keeping Tidy. The rest of his podcast back catalog is great too.
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My wife and I like to turn on the TV and have something like Golden Girls running in the background while we're cleaning house. We've watched each episode so many times that we can practically quote the dialogue, so it's perfect for background noise while we clean.
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Late Night Live is my go-to for keeping my mind active while my hands do whatever it is that they need to.
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Also possibly of interest.
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