Bathing Suit Needed, Difficulty Level : I'm Not a Baby And It's Not 1983
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My sister recently unearthed this photo of Wee Baby JulThumbscrew experiencing the Atlantic Ocean for the first time. I developed an immediate, nigh-unto incapacitating desire for an adult-sized version of the swimsuit I was wearing in the photo. Does a grown-up version of this thing exist? WHERE?! If not, is anyone making decent custom swimwear these days (perhaps on Etsy)? Thanks, Hive!
posted by julthumbscrew to Shopping (9 answers total) 3 users marked this as a favorite looks like it might actually be a romper, and not a bathing suit. They still make very similar baby outfits. Anyhow, searching for rompers might give you a clue?
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How close of a match do you want? Searching for "romper swimsuit" I found this and this and this. (Also lots of romper cover-ups.)
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Go for Etsy, all the way. Just find someone that will make you a romper, it is not tough to match a simple design like this.
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None of them are exactly the same, but try Modcloth. This one looks like a possibility.
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This vintage suit has a similar vibe, but may be a bit small.

Here's a less-good match on the print but a slightly larger size.
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Yeah, that's a romper, you could buy them at the local 5 and 10 cheap. they were made out of regular woven cotton fabric, not a knit, and not swimsuit stretchy stuff. On an adult woman all the puffiness might look a wee bit silly, but it should be very easy to make.
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"Sunsuit" is another googling term you might try. I think that's what my mom called them when I wore them.
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I am almost positive that that is a Simplicity Pattern sunsuit like you see here and here or here. You can see a similar pattern for adults here. Just find the right pattern and you can hire somebody from Etsy to make these, super easy.
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If you added white ribbon to the top of this ModCloth romper you'd have your suit.
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