Where Can My Wife Bargain Hunt For Used Clothes Online, Other Than Ebay?
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My wife's favorite hobby for after work is to go onto Ebay and bargain hunt for clothes. She has been doing this for years. She doesn't buy that much, she just enjoys searching. Last week, out of the blue she got an email from Ebay that her 12 year old account was being closed and there was nothing she can do. The reasoning was odd (something about a similar account blah blah) but that is besides the point. Anyway, I am looking alternatives websites she can go to and bargain hunt for clothes online. Etsy.com is the only similar thing I can think about.
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Are you sure that email came from eBay? That sounds like a kind of phishing email I used to get a lot a few years ago.
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Response by poster: I am absolutely sure. I spent an hour on the phone with Ebay customer service.

I don't want to get into it because it is not relevant to the question, but I think she made a second account years ago when she forgot her login and now both accounts have been marked as "suspicious" and suspended. There is nothing we can do.
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Why not just open up a new account on eBay? People do it all the time.

If she's sworn off eBay forever, how about your local craigslist? I can't think that they'd have great selections of used clothes, but hey, there are plenty of terrible clothes on ebay too, so she is probably used to sorting through a lot of chaff. You can shop on Goodwill online, though they typically pick and choose what they put online (think more vintage suits and less used Eddie Bauer shirts)
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Threadflip.com is actually better than eBay, IMHO. Used clothes, vetted sellers, nicer stuff. I've bought a few things there and like the site.
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Response by poster: I've thought about opening a new account, but frankly my wife feels so burned by them, that "sneaking back in" to ebay is something she can't make herself do.
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Like Threadflip: tradesy.com, liketwice.com
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Does it have to be used, or just: bargain? "Flash sale" sites can be very competitive (some people buy through them to just to flip the purchases on eBay). I like Fab and Hautelook, but there are many others out there.

EBay customer service is non-existent to horrible to insulting -- unless, apparently, you are a very high-volume seller -- I (small-time seller) am trying to move away from the site because it's so badly run that I'm ashamed to be associated with it. People have been hoping for a clear successor for years; that has yet to emerge. Etsy as you mentioned is good for vintage, though amazing bargains are rarer there. Rubylane is doing decently for "antiques," bonanzle.com is a mish-mash, Artfire is a handmade Etsy competitor...

There are lots of Facebook groups that are just for-sale, some clothing only, some a particular type of clothing only. There are also blogs about [J. Crew/rockabilly fashion/whatever] with big enough followings as to generate lots of sales and swaps through them.

But the answer to 'is there another eBay' is mostly: no.
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I haven't purchased from Twice yet, but it looks good.
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I've only purchased/sold on Bra Swap, so I can't vouch for the rest. Before she uses it though, she should visit A Bra That Fits to get the right size. Bratabase also has a listings feature.
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Did your wife ever sell on eBay? Word on the critical seller discussion sites is that eBay is mass canceling seller accounts for some unknown reason.
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Mod note: One comment deleted. OP has specifically asked for other sites, so maybe we can leave the well-meaning eBay advice aside? People can MeMail OP if they need to. Thanks.
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Shopgoodwill.com, but not much is new. On the other hand, great for household stuff.
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There are lots of selling groups on Facebook. These are often organized around specific brands or specific size ranges. There's a little more risk involved because you don't have all the feedback on protections of eBay, but since most people are using Paypal, there is some recourse against fraud. Also, some communities have a high degree of moderation and policing. I've bought and sold in these groups without any real problems. If your wife happens to be plus sized, I have lots of specific recommendations.
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TheRealReal is a really good high endconsignment store. If she's really just window shopping, I'd go there. There are bargains there, but only in the sense that you're able to buy $500 dresses for $200. The search options could be more robust, but it's good for browsing.
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Bonanza is a possibility.
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Thredup.com? I have not bought from there and am a little skeptical of the pricing (ie, used kids clothes from Children's Place are priced at higher than you could buy them new). But maybe there are bargains if you have time to search through the site.
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Haven't tried swapdom yet, but it seems like it could be fun.
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kmennie: "Does it have to be used, or just: bargain? "Flash sale" sites can be very competitive (some people buy through them to just to flip the purchases on eBay)."

Along those lines, Target and H&M go bonkers when they introduce new designer lines, if she's into that sort of thing.
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There are a million "recommerce" sites out there now. Most have been mentioned here. Poshmark, threadflip, theRealReal. Probably none will match eBay in terms of total variety, but if she just wants to shop, google "recommerce" and see what tech news is hyping today.
I personally spend my time on 1stdibs because I prefer vintage and their selection is pretty good.
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Just wanted to echo the recommendation for Shop Goodwill. I've gotten tons of bargains there, including a $5 leather jacket that fits like a glove (I don't think I will ever shut up about my $5 jacket).
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