Worried about GI problems x1wk, yellow stool
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About five days ago, I started becoming sick. Started with me feeling a little ill, then the next day I had a sore throat and a fever, and the day after that I was incapacitated and had to be in bed all day long. A couple days before I had some issues with bowel movements. My stool was noticeably more soft, and Also was more yellow.

At no time did I ever have any diarrhea. After the fever, my sore throat improved and I just had a residual cough and runny nose. For the past week I've still had bowel problems. There's some occasional abdominal cramping but it only last for a few seconds. My stool is still yellow, it's normally brown. It's more solid today though. Throughout this whole time I've been able to eat normally never throwing up. Except for the day that I was incapacitated, I could not eat that day.

So I'm concerned about the Duration of these bowel symptoms. Do you guys think I should visit the doctor? I have no food allergies. This is never been issue in the past. I did start eating more bread this week. But the bread was added after I started becoming sick and having the very soft stool. Thanks.
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Yes, a doctor visit would be a good idea.
Liver problems show up with light colored stool, so it is worth getting checked out.
It certainly sounds mild enough and it is probably a 'just a virus' but if it some sort of hepatitis it is worth knowing about even if no treatment is needed.
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Did you take any drugs while you were sick? Robitussin and pepto, for instance, both cause your poo to go funny. Heck, even swallowing excessive amounts of snot and phlegm can cause your poo to go funny.

As long as you're feeling better, I would just let things run their course for a while and not worry about this. If things haven't corrected themselves a week from now (or if you get sick again), then it's probably time to see a doctor.

But for now just stay hydrated, try to eat balanced meals, and make sure you're getting enough fiber.

I wish your butt good luck.
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Things get all kinds of weird down south when I've been sick, quadruply so if I take cold medicine. I have never gone to the doctor after 8 days of any kind of bowel symptoms barring excruciating pain, but if you are having this much anxiety about it you should probably go. I do find, though, that any disruption to my gut flora takes 3 weeks minimum to right itself, sometimes more like 5. You might try a couple days of probiotics and see if things start to improve.
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Some of the food colorings in OTC medicines (e.g. Dayquil and Nyquil) or Gatorade (something I personally drink a lot of when I'm sick) will turn your poop weird colors.
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You have had a fever - which suggests what you have is infectious, not allergies, not related to eating bread.

Hepatitis doesn't cause a sore throat.

Hope that is reassuring.

That said, of course, go see a doctor. You're sick. That's what we're here for.
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