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I saw an android alarm clock that disables the phone's ability to be turned off. What was it?

I have trouble waking up in the morning. The Android app "sleep for android" has an alarm where you have to scan a QR code before it turns off, but I have unfortunately outsmarted it and now automatically turn off my phone when this alarm goes off. The other day I was looking through the app store and there was an app alarm that doesn't let you turn off the phone! But I guess I didn't actually download the app. Now I don't remember what app it was. Does anyone know what I am talking about? I remember the comments were discussing how people were outsmarting this alarm by taking out the phone battery (lucky for me, my case is annoying to get off so hopefully this would work for me!).
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I use "I Can't Wake Up!" -- set to be utterly unoutsmartable until I finish my equations and capitals matching exercises.
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If you looked at it recently, have you checked your browser history? (for Chrome, press control-H and search for "play.google.com")

(but I wouldn't get my hopes up too much -- the long power off function, i.e. the one that turns things off when you press the power button for 5-10 seconds, is typically handled by the power management circuit, not the CPU, so I don't think you can write such an application, at least not in a way that works on most Android phones.)
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What you need is a server application.
Alarm clock goes off, sends a message to a server.

If you don't scan a code, or in some way acknowledge the alarm then phone will not send the "I got up" message to the server. (You could even have multiple responses over a few minutes to show that you got up and stayed up)

Then bad things happen.

Not sure what, perhaps it's just a calendar with a line of X's on days you got up when you should've to seinfeld guilt you into getting up? Perhaps a link to Beeminder (or similar) service so it costs you money.

(Or just buy an alarm clock and leave it too far away to be turned off.)
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