App for Body Weight Exercises?
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I've just re-taken up running (well, walking still at this point) and I want to use my off days for basic strength training. Is there an app that will help with this?

I downloaded Runkeeper, and I really like how it works during my walks, and the combination of plans for running and its announcements as to progress make me feel accomplished and make me want to do more. I looked on my phone (Android, 4.0.4), and I'm not sure whether any of the apps would actually work for me.

I don't have access to a gym (I would use my lawn for sit ups and push ups, for example) or weights, and I can learn the exercises pretty quickly, but I would like an app that walks me through what to do when. For example, Runkeeper has various "training plans," including a intervals and what to do when. That's the sort of thing I'm looking for.

Would prefer a free app, but anything with high recommendations will be considered.
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Best answer: You are your own gym is $3 and well reviewed.
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If you Google "7-minute workout app" you'll see a ton of apps based on this NY Times article. I like the 7-minute workout, and of course you are free to double or triple it if you so choose. Of the free iOS versions of the 7-minute workout (I evaluated about ten of them), I personally like this one best because of the clear strong voice that calls out the countdown and next exercise.
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Best answer: I like Sworkit. It mixes it up nicely and is feature filled. I actually bought the pro version it's so nice to use.
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Best answer: I used You Are Your Own Gym pretty much exclusively for about 8 months, and saw great results. I really like the structure of it, and it has excellent instructions for every exercise, as well as the ability to structure your own workouts once you know what you're doing/want to specialize in something.

I cannot recommend it enough.
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Best answer: I was going to say You Are Your Own Gym as well. The forum on the author's website had a plan for working up to the beginner level if you need to and other modification ideas. The app has some tracking functionality. There's also a book of the same title (actually, I think the app is called something like 'Bodyweight Exercises' or something generic) that you could borrow from the library before committing your $3. (The app and book both have all the instructions for exercises and training plans.)

You could also use Fitocracy for tracking both running and strength training. It's purely tracking (and a some gamification), rather than training plans. There's a Metafilter group on there.
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Best answer: Sworkit!
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Best answer: Thirding Sworkit!
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CC Tracker is a simple companion app for the popular "Convict Conditioning" system. You can google around for the forms and progression plans.
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Nike Training Club is mostly bodyweight work.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the input!! I gave the free version of Sworkit a try, but I'm going to try the Pro (for the audio cues), and YAYOG, and see which one works better.
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