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Does this iPhone/Android app exist: an alarm clock in which you very quickly enter the alarm time numerically via a 10-key pad?

For me, the alarm clock is the two killer app on a cell phone, and in this respect Nokia has always outshone all others.

I just wanna be able to set the alarm time by typing 0-7-0-0-Enter. No kinetic-scroll dials, no up-down number selectors, etc. Just hit four numbers and enter.

I've had both the Nexus One and the iPhone 4, and searching high and low, wide and far does not yield one simple app that does just what I want.

Does it exist?
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Not the answer you're looking for, but I have a bunch of times entered into the default clock app on my iPhone (usually inactive.) Most of the time there's three or four alarms I want, so they're pre-entered. Between them there's a few that I'll change as needs be. Usually it's within an hour or minutes of one of those, so changing the time is about as quick as entering it as you suggest.
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Technically, you can type inside the scroll dials, but with the new Clock APK that was pulled off the G2, you can use Google Voice Commands on the Nexus One clock app to set your alarm, which is EVEN FASTER THAN EVER!

On the N1, you just long-press the search key and speak your desired alarm time:

"Set alarm to six hours from now" "Set alarm to 7 am", etc.

They all work, and it's way cool. (MeMessage me if you need a link to the APK)
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(Note: this doesn't require root or altering your phone in any way; it's an upgraded version of the Clock app that just hasn't hit the market yet.)
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Best answer: It may not be the experience, or more then you want but the iPhone's Touch LCD does allow time entry this way.


Its also quite pretty.
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Response by poster: Yeah! Just went ahead and bought Touch LCD!!!

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