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Are there any good Android apps for connected couples?

Mrs.snapped finally got an android phone (Moto Droid 2) and I've had a lovely HTC Incredible for a few months. Other than TiKL, which is a pretty cool touch-to-talk app, do you have any other recommendations for a pretty savvy couple?

We're mostly interested in being able to do simple things, like locate each other in the mall, send each other quick messages/pictures, and maybe something that syncs between our phones (like a grocery list we could both edit).

A google for "Android apps for couples" doesn't really return what I'm looking for, and I'm finding the Market and AppBrain apps are not easy to search. Thanks for your help, hive mind.
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I've yet to find the perfect synchronized grocery list, but a shared list on and the app "RTM Tasks" gets the job done for me and my wife.
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A friend of mine recommended ziplist for a shared grocery list. I haven't used it, but there it is.
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Best answer: Latitude in Google Maps will do basic location finding. One of the best things is that it'll let you select someone and then get Google Navigate directions to him/her. It is a bit screwy with updating, but I believe if you add the widget to your home screen you'll force it to update more frequently. This of course drains more battery power, which is always the struggle with smart phones.

I like google talk instead of regular text messaging. You can stick anything, video, photo, Youtube, links etc, into a google talk conversation and it'll be accessible via web or PC/Mac client and your phone.

You've probably already done this, but I'd suggest you make a shortcut to your SOs contact. Then with a tap you can email, tweet, FB, message, Talk or call them from your home screen.

Also yes an awesome shared grocery list remains elusive to me. Springpad will allow you to see each others lists and download them, but not shared edit.

Oh, and Wordfeud is the Android version/knock-off of the iPhone Words with Friends. Its basically scrabble that you can play multiplayer whenever you'd like.
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Hmm, on re-read, location finding is pretty imprecise, and GPS works best outside. If your mall is HUGE, it might be handy to know which end of the mall he/she is in. Otherwise, it is probably not going to give you a store level accurate location.
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Best answer: We use "Our Groceries" for a synced grocery list on our iPhones. A quick google shows that they have an Android version as well. I think we've had some syncing issues, but generally, it's been a good app.
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I haven't done this yet, but one of the first things I would do is give my SO access to my Google calendar and vice versa so we can send invitations to each other and keep our schedules straight. I thought of this because I keep my grocery list in a weekly all-day appointment and just enter my list in the Details section. If you had your list appear every Sunday (no reminders, that's just annoying) and gave your SO access to edit the appointment, then you can both add and subtract items from your phones and from any computer.
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Mrs Missing and I use "Our Groceries" on Android. Love it for syncing the grocery list, or any lists really.
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Best answer: Nthing Our Groceries; my partner and I have been using it on our Android phones for months and love it. We used to keep our grocery lists on the household wiki (yes, we have a household wiki... don't you?), but having a synced, easy-to-update list on our phones is much, much easier. Once in awhile we will have a minor syncing issue--usually it's something like a single item difference between my version of the Costco list and his--but overall it's been reliable and incredibly useful.

Also seconding the contact shortcuts. I have a call and SMS shortcut for my partner on the homescreen and it's nice to be able to contact him with a single touch rather than navigating the contacts or call log (my only complaint with Android!).
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Our Groceries +1 Mrs. Plinth and I build lists for all common shopping locations. We fill ourt some of the recipes, but I wish it had Epicurious integration.
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As mentioned, integrated Google calendars are great--especially if you have different, irregular schedules (ours are very much so). I have Jorte as a large widget on one homescreen (showing combined calendars) and, below it, a shortcut to a different calendar app that just shows my calendars (when that's all I need to see).

I'm having a hard time imagining something that would really only be of use to couples and not equally useful to roommates, parents-kids, bf's, etc unless it's a general-purpose application with a few red and pink hearts thrown on top. If you like photos, there's slideshow widgets. If you dig, you might be able to find one that syncs to, say, a Flickr album that you can both add photos to. If such a thing does not exist, someone should build one.
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Response by poster: I'm open to any particularly useful apps, KP. It certainly doesn't have to be exclusively for couples.

Thanks for the great suggestions so far.
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My husband enjoys the ovulation/cycle tracker app to figure out when I'll be horniest. :D
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Glympse is a great way to tell people where you are and when you are planning to arrive.
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A list of all the apps currently running on my phone, from appbrain.

Of these, first of all, I highly recommend rooting your phone. (A quick google with the model of your phone of choice should help you out with guides.)
With the processor speeds that are out these days, battery life drains QUICK and it's no fun having to charge every eight hours. With root, you can get something like SetCPU and rank speed priorities for when you're actually USING the phone, i.e. the screen's turned off.
Once your phone is rooted, I also recommend Adfree Android and Titanium Backup.

OK, if you don't want to root your phone or you just want more recommendations, I also highly recommend JuiceDefender (free) and its addon, UltimateJuice.
Jorte is a great calendar.
SMSBackup+ if you're as neurotic as me.
If you or your wife use itunes, iSyncr and iSyncr WiFi are awesome.
WatchDog Task Manager (NOT TASK KILLER) will alert you if any of your apps is sucking up a ton of CPU time.
SwiftKey is bar none, the best predictive keyboard I've ever seen, AND it adapts to your style of texting.
And last but not least, MultiIconWidget for getting shortcuts to all those apps onto your home page.
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Response by poster: Oh, I am quite rooted, my friend. I've tried six different roms and am still not satisfied at this point. My wife is quite squeamish about it, but she did just get the phone on Friday.

Thanks for all the suggestions!
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