External microphone for shooting video on an iPhone?
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Suggest a microphone to plug into my iPhone 5S to improve the audio of my iPhone videos? Lavalier preferred, but a little shotgun thingie would be ok too. Hoping to achieve improved voice quality with less roomtone, and I need the audio file to record right onto the video file- I don't want to sync it in post. Thanks!
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I just purchased this lavalier; I'm sure there are more expensive ones, but this one seems reasonably priced and gets good reviews.
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I use the Audio-Technica ATR 3350. It should come with a splitter so you can monitor with your earbuds while you use the mic. I got mine on Amazon for under $30.
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I got one of these a while back; it's absolutely brilliant for what you need. It doesn't come with a splitter, however, which as univac says above would be useful (though not critical).
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The excellent X/Y mics of the Zoom H4n are now also available for iOS devices:


If you want to do voice recordings, just talk into one of the mics and convert the stereo file to two mono tracks in post, where you may choose to throw away the channel from the mic you didn't talk into. I have a Zoom H4n and find the mics remarkably good. On the plus side, if you have such a great X/Y stereo mic with you at all times, you can also record perfect ambient recordings as well. Always nice to add to your edited timeline to give the impression of continuous time.
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