Make Apple in-ear phones work better with T-Mobile G1?
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How can I get my Apple iPhone/iPod/iTouch in-ear headphones to work easily with my T-Mobile G1 phone?

The headphones are great--the best in-ear headphones I've used, except for ones I cobbled together using parts of two different models.

The problem is that when they're plugged into any of the four adapters I have for my T-Mobile G1 phone, they don't work properly. I have to pull the plug out a little bit, to just the right spot, to have full audio in both ears. This is probably due to the nonstandard, four-part nature of the plug: there are four metal places on it that probably don't line up well and my G1 doesn't/can't use the ones for the volume or the microphone.

Does anyone have an adapter that they know for certain works with these earphones? Or a simple hack or trick for making them work easily?
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If your kludging headphones together I'm guessing that you aren't scared of a little soldering.

Buy a 11-pin USB breakout board from here.

Then either solder you headphones directly to it or buy the appropiate plug and solder that to it.
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