Negotiating a better Internet/CATV rate
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We switched to AT&T U-verse last year because we were offered a great deal, but when that deal expires next month our bill will increase $70/month. I would like to keep U-verse but don't negotiate well -- what are some guidelines for negotiating a better rate? We are willing to switch back to our previous company with an inferior CATV service but a much lower price.
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Best answer: Do like I did....wait until the day after your contract is up, call Att and ask for retention. Then tell them you don't want to leave but,.... Everyone else is less expensive. I ended up lowering my bill and getting more speed on the Internet and more channels for TV. Ymmv
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Best answer: Yep. You don't need to start the negotiation -- let them do it. All you need to do is tell them you're switching and they'll start making deals.

I think it was an AT&T retention person who told me this -- and it was probably 10 years ago -- but she said that after you say "I'm switching" once, they'll offer you discount #1; after you say it twice, discount #2; etc. She told me to always wait for discount #3. Don't know if that's still true, but Just Say No until they give you a deal that works for you. They want to keep your business more than anything.
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Just call customer retention (regular customer service, then ask to be forwarded to customer retention directly) then basically say: my special rate is expiring. What deals do you have to keep me? If not, I'm switching back to cable. Then see what they say. :) Really, that's about it.
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You say you have trouble negotiating. Be polite, patient, friendly, and you can even be honest. We enjoy the service, but it's so expensive that we just have to switch. Rep offers better deal. Thanks so much, but that still more than our budget will allow, so we'll have to cancel. Rep offers better deal.

Their services are crazy profitable, so they really want to keep you.
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Expect them to initially throw time-limited free channels or speed upgrades at you. Getting them to actually lower the price is tough (but doable).
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