Used records in Amsterdam
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My previous thread was a huge success, so I thought I'd give another go. We're talking vinyls, we're talking shops, only this time, we're talking Amsterdam! I'll be visiting Amsterdam for four days, and I will be on the hunt. Do you know any good places for vinyls in the city? Thanks!
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Response by poster: BTW: Meanwhile, I found this list of record Stores in Amsterdam, Netherlands.
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Concerto comes to mind first.
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You could try Rush Hour on the Spuistraat and Flesch on the Noorderkerkstraat.
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There's always records at the Noordermarkt on Saturdays and Mondays.
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I'll recommend our old friends at Independent Outlet first. They sell a lot of skateboards but also have collectible records and such.
Next up has to be our new friends at Record Palace, conveniently located across from the Paradiso.
Distortion Records is still there and still great.
And also Backbeat Records, for more of a Jazz slant on things.
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