Does anyone know what this piece of music is? Heard in Shanghai.
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Do you know what this music is? I filmed this standing on a conrner and the music was playing from an LCD/LED billboard behind me. Maybe someone who lives in Shanghai knows if it's music from an ad? Or some music buff can tell me if it's a known tune, that I can get a proper version of somewhere?

Last year, I spent a week in Shanghai with my best friend, it was her present to me for my 40th birthday.

This corner was near our hotel and we passed it every morning and night, and a few times we listened for it to help guide our way home at the end of a night out so it's our Shanghai song.

Now, it's her turn to turn 40 and I want try and find a proper recording of it to give my friend as part of my present to her. I have a piano friend that could probably work it out but I'm sure it would be easier if i can name that tune.

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Best answer: I work in marketing and I immediately recognized that track, having used it in quite a few projects! Funny where it turns up. It's a "stock music" track that you can purchase here:
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Response by poster: Oh my goodness! I love you! Thank you! Was getting sad that maybe I wasn't going to get an answer.
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