An easier way to manage my Kindle?
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I have an old Kindle Keyboard 3G, which I love. It's now loaded with books, but they're very disorganized. I have created a bunch of folders, but it's such a painful, labourious process to add books or move books that it's no longer set up in any useful way. I want to know if there's an easier way to do this.

Basically, I'd like software that will let me more easily manipulate the categories and books on my Kindle. I have Calibre but I am not sure if it is possible, or any easier, in there.

Really, I'd just like some kind of drag and drop interface I can install on my Macbook that'll show me a big list of books in one pane and then all my categories in another, and then just let me sort things that way. That's just the most basic idea--if there's something with more features than that, that's fine, too.
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To be honest, I found the only way to keep my Kindle manageable was to have limited, functional folders and to minimise the number of books and articles in each. I have the following now, and am strict about deleting anything I've read which isn't going into the backup folder.

- to read
- current (strictly limited to what I'm reading now, and books moved out as I finish them)
- backup (for books I've read but might want to read at short notice, comfort reading, aeroplane reading, etc)
- shorts (short stories)
- reference

I don't keep my entire library on the kindle as I find it unmanageable under any circumstance. I just update it once a week or so. If I can't wait a week to read a book I remind myself of my childhood when I didn't have the world's literature at my fingertips.

So this doesn't answer your question, but I'll be interested to hear if there is a better solution of the kind you describe.
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Yeah, I never found a good solution either. I keep the folders limited to one screen, and have general genre-type categories (SF/Fantasy, Crime, YA, Classics, etc.) and then laboriously put them each in. I only keep about 200 books on there, but did it all manually.

If it helps, the older Kindles didn't do folders at all! THAT was painful.
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Best answer: Pretty sure calibre supports this. See here (jump to the Calibre section - the first part doesn't apply to the keyboard version).
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