Help me find a poem
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Please help me find a poem. I have very few details. Kind of a long shot.

A few years back, I saved poems I liked on 43 Things, which I just discovered has been shut down (and all my saved poems gone with it). There is one poem in particular that I'd like to find but I can't remember many details. Here's what I do remember:

- It was a modern poem - I want to say by someone like Richard Brautigan, Leonard Cohen or Simon Armitage (but I don't think any of them).

- It was a love poem, slightly erotic.

- It was lighthearted.

- It was moderately long.

- The main thing I remember is there were a couple of lines about watching someone take a shower and possibly a description of soap on body parts. There was some very mild NSFW aspects to it, which is what prevented me from posting it on facebook (which I often do with poems I like). It was not "The Shower" by Bukowski. The shower was not the main theme of the poem, it was just a part. It was maybe something about waking up with a lover and taking delight in watching them. Or something like that.

That's all I remember. I'm hoping someone knows it.
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No shower, but might it have been The Cinnamon Peeler, by Ondaatje?
posted by solitary dancer at 7:39 PM on March 16, 2015

Sharon Olds, While He Told Me?
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Response by poster: Neither of those, unfortunately (though I LOVE both of them).
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I wouldn't call it even moderately long, so I'd be pretty surprised if it's Entertaining the Canary by Charles Simic, but it ticks a lot of your other boxes and I can't resist suggesting it.
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How about "A Monorhyme for the Shower" by Dick Davis?
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Maybe a long shot, but "Aimless Love," by Billy Collins?
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Best answer: Is it Valentine by John Fuller?
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Is there a chance you could dig it out of The Internet Archive, which crawled the site a lot between 2004 and 2014?
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Response by poster: Martha My Dear Prudence, that's the one! I can't believe you found it, thank you so much!!
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Aw shucks, 'twas nothing!

I couldn't find a "proper" version and I think the one I linked to has actually lost the poem's final word, which is "tense" as I recall.
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