Who played the "It's a Fact" girl?
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Who's the actress that played the "It's a Fact" girl on the Kids In the Hall TV show?
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Response by poster: I should have included this as "more inside," but I'll add it here: a good amount of shallow googling has revealed nothing. Weird for a popular character on a popular tv show, no?
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Did you check the IMDB message board? Some responses there, have no idea if they are correct.
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If you search (in quotes) "It's a Fact Girl" on Twitter, you get a user referring to user @whoajordie and that role together, though it might just be a smart aleck remark. The @whoajordie account appears to belong to a redheaded woman who could be the right age, but is likely a couple years too young. She's also American, not Canadian, according to my Google-fu (easy to find her Tumblr, and she works in media, though not as an actress, so getting to her real/industry name isn't hard). It's a possibility, but I'm not sure it's a likelihood.
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Why not ask one of the Kids via Twitter? Or this woman whom Scott Thompson retweeted the other day.
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I almost swear Kevin McDonald mentioned who she was when he was interviewed on WTF, that ep is behind the paywall at the moment and I don't have it handy (I probably have it in my iTunes library though, I can check later), but I seem to remember some anecdote about those sketches, although I may be misremebering a KITH DVD commentary anecdote.
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All these years I'd had it in my head that she was Maria Thayer (Tammi Littlenut from Strangers with Candy) but looking at a screengrab now I doubt it.

One of the folks in this old thread thinks she was a Canadian child actress named Erica Lancaster, who they say was also in Brain Candy. But they never settle it, and the thread quickly devolves into KITH quotes.
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Best answer: Ooh! I just learned this information by listening to a recent episode of the fabulous How Was Your Week podcast w/ Julie Klausner. Her name is Jessica Schiffman (possibly Schifman?) and she's now an architect.
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Here is the twitter thread where Klausner announces receiving the email. It seems like a pretty definite ID--Klausner hasn't released the email or photo, so the only potentially weak link is we're trusting with Klausner says without documentary evidence to back it up.

FYI the other speculations over the years have been actress Erica Fairfield (also known as Erica Lancaster) who was in KITH Brain Candy (she looks a little similar, to me, but not really; one source of several for this idea) and KITH star Mark McKinnley's sister (source). This was an occasional topic of discussion over the years on the alt.tv.kids-in-hall newsgroup.
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Best answer: News article about Jessica Shifman - the photo there removes all doubt!

If any of you are wondering what we are talking about--here is a Youtube compilation of all the It's A Fact sketches from Kids in the Hall feathering Shifman.
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