Kids in the Hall referencing Dr Who?
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Looking for a Dr Who episode that was referenced in a Kids in the Hall sketch.

The KITH sketch is about Scott Thompson creating a robot version of himself. In particular, this part was pretty much a recreation of a sequence from the Dr. Who episode. Scott's equivalent of the sonic screwdriver is pretty cool, too!
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Best answer: The Robots of Death, maybe? Man, that serial freaked me out as a kid.
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It sounds like it might be Meglos.
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I dunno, that didn't seem to be a close recreation of a particular DW sequence. It seemed quite a bit like Enthiran, the big-budget Tollywood film where a scientist creates a robot duplicate of himself.

There is a list of Doppelgängers on this Dr. Who Wiki. It might help you narrow it down.
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Can you describe why you think this is a reference to a Doctor Who episode? It doesn't look like anything I can think of.
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Response by poster: I was a Kids In The Hall fanatic, and that was among the sketches I had committed to memory. When I saw the Dr Who episode, there was a sequence that was composed/edited in the exact same manner as the KITH sketch. I later showed the sketch to the Dr Who fans, and they agreed it was an homage to that episode.

I can't remember if the attacker was a dopplelganger or straight-up-robot, unfortunately.
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Best answer: The end portion with the quick edits, screaming and outstretched arms is a take on Robots of Death, while the the "Version 1" prototype spoofed the creation in Robot, Tom Baker's first stint as the 4th Doctor.

All that was missing in KITH was frenetic background music, but y'know, their budget was even smaller. :)
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