Comedyfilter: King of France swearing sketch?
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Am I insane? I remember seeing a funny sketch comedy clip and the subject was a dad at the breakfast table verbally wailing on his family members using swear words that were all The-King-of-France related -- but I can't find any reference to it. I distinctly remember Kids in the Hall members, too.

I was hoping to find the sketch on YouTube, but apparently not. I was pretty pretty sure it was a Kids in the Hall production, and the father kept saying things like, "if I were the king of france" or "for the love of the king of france" in an name-in-vain tone. Did I just dream this?
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Did you see it recently? Was it on The Whitest Kids You Know?
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Nope, not insane - I remember it too. Argh. I'm pretty sure it was either Dave Foley from KITH or Michael Ian Black from The State. This is driving me crazy, to tell you the truth.
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It sounds kinda Will Ferrell-ish. There was a series of sketches of him as a father on SNL and Amy Poehler as his insolent teen daughter, but I don't remember any King of France lines.
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Response by poster: This was some years ago, possibly in the 5-7 year range.
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Best answer: Sounds like kids in the hall. There were a couple Fran and Gordon skits. This one (youtube) is the only Fran and Gordon I could find.
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I'm mentally seeing it, too. I can even picture their "suburban kitchen" set in my mind. Hope someone figures it out!
(and if no one has by Monday I can ask a friend of mine who has the complete series at home)
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Fran and Gordon only had one kid, a son, so Gord wouldn't have been wailing on "his kids."

You're not thinking of the sketch where Bruce plays the mom who chokes on the turkey neck, are you? Dad (Mark) was really abusive at the dinner table that time- don't recall "king of france" tho.
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Response by poster: I can only recall one kid (never said kids except coupled with in the hall), and I too can picture the mostly-yellow-hues of the suburban home's kitchen with a door to the right, which the kid moves toward or leaves through near the end. Knowing this "Fran & Gordon" sketch title should help a bit, even if there are more than one =D
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