We All Have Our Own Hands / But We Come From Different Moms
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In Daves I Know, the classic Kids in the Hall song, I've always wondered what the lines "We all have our own hands / but we come from different moms" means. Am I missing something?
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I always assumed it meant nothing and was just meant to be quirky/weird/non-sensical. And I thought it was pretty funny just on that level.
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Straightforward absurdism. If you need to analyze it, the gag is probably built on the idea that these are basic, ordinary facts that it's ridiculous to highlight, suggesting he doesn't really "know" many of these Daves at all.
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"We all have our own hands": "here is a quality we all have in common!"

"But we come from different moms": "but here is a quality that distinguishes us from one another!"
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It's just Bruce McCulloch being silly.
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