How do I wear white ankle boots? With what?
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I wore these white ankle boots at my wedding. Can I also wear them 1) to work this fall in New England, or 2) ever again in any context? If yes, what do I wear them with?

If it matters:
* They're actually more cream-colored than white.
* I work at a businessy casual office.
* My usual work uniform is black on the bottom (skirts, leggings/tights, flats), so how to work these into my normal wardrobe is really boggling me.

What kinds of colors/styles/outfits would these shoes go with? (Modcloth has some styling suggestions, but I'm not too sure about them ... can I really wear these with black tights?)

Or should I just accept that these were one-time-wear shoes?
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Cute! I think they could definitely work with men's wear outfits.

Some ideas on this White Shoe Inspiration thread from
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Get them dyed. They are too cute for just one wear. Black is classic in the oxford style but brown is great too.
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Best answer: those boots are awesome! I'd wear them with black skinny jeans and a white shirt. My younger daughter would wear them with black tights, cut-off jeans, a white shirt and a black sweater over. My elder daughter would wear them with skinny jeans, a loose top and a giant scarf with black and white print.
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Best answer: Those are super cute. I am a guy so my advice may not be perfectly accurate, but I think they would look smashing with some dark-blue skinny jeans and a flowy cream-colored top. If jeans aren't appropriate for your office then I would wear them with slacks, again in navy blue or possibly a very dark green or chocolate color, or maybe charcoal. I wouldn't go black since they are cream rather than actually white. I think they would look a bit odd with tights/leggings, but maybe that's just me. Definitely dark pants and a light top though, that would be my instinct.

I think you could wear them to work but they would read to me as being on the casual/cute end of the business spectrum, rather than on the sober/businesslike end. Not that there's anything problematic about that, just something to be aware of. They would be more businesslike in brown or black, but also much more boring.

As to whether you can wear them in the Fall in New England, I dunno. Down here in the South I don't think they'd look out of place, but back in Massachusetts where I'm from I think people tend to do the no-white-after-Labor-Day thing a bit more. People are probably transitioning into darker, warmer Fall tones right now. I can't speak to whether that should matter to you though.
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Best answer: If it helps you to think of being able to wear them in winter, think of them as winter white.

You can absolutely wear them -- menswear styling is big right now, and these will go with all kinds of outfits. Skinny jeans or leggings in a great color and loose cream sweater would be fantastic. Wide-leg trousers and a white shirt would also be awesome. Patterned tights are really in and you could find a cool tweedy or stripey tights pattern and pair with a slim skirt and sweater, or add to the menswear effect and wear a blazer and trousers combo.
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Those would also be super cute with anything 1940s styled!

I think you could really do anything if you get a matching belt. I'm kind of a geek about making your belt match your shoes, but in this case I think the retro look of the shoes and a matching belt would make any outfit work.
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Yes, they're adorable. Pick up some cheap colored leggings/tights (forever 21 is pretty much the best place to get cheap leggingss that are still decent quality) and swap them out for the black. I agree, though, that they're perfect to wear with skinny jeans.
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Yes, I wouldn't hesitate to wear those whenever.

Look at your wrist bones. Small or large? If small, those boots might be a bit chunky for your frame so wear them with pants rather than skirts. Otherwise, knock yourself out.

I would suggest you not wear them with red, and not with another shade of white that could look dingy next to them. With a skirt, I would wear opaque tights in a matching shade of white, but if that's hard to find, unless your legs are relatively short you're good with any color hosiery except bright red or clashing whites.

If it were me I would wear it with a gold leather pencil skirt, I think I saw one in Zara's window.
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I wouldn't wear them with opaque black tights, although the Modcloth suggestions that show them paired with black patterned hose look alright.
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These days, when I have an item of clothing and I don't know how to wear it, I look on pinterest for inspiration. Just type in 'white ankle boots outfit' or something similar and see how others have styled them. Warning; this can be bad for your bank balance. Ask me how I know...
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I'd throw them on for a professionally thing with a plain pencil skirt that has vibes the same retro vibes, and a modern shirt. And awesome jewelry. Tights/leggings optional, depending on the weather.
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Well, you can certainly wear them with all kinds of things in the summer, especially anything that looks nautical and/or 1940s.

After Labor Day, well, the shoes can pass for beige or at least bone, so go ahead and wear them with anything transitional (early fall or early spring."I think a long straight or slightly gored skirt that eded below the calf, exposing about six inches of interesting patterned hose before the shoes took over, would be lovely.

Once snow starts to fall, put the shoes away until warm weather returns: slush is filthy and it stains. There's nothing stopping you from getting the same shoe in black, though...
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After Labor Day, well, the shoes can pass for beige or at least bone

After Labor Day, there is no rule against wearing white boots.

Sorry to disappoint all you wild and crazy rebels out there who thought you were scorning convention all this time.

I always spray my shoes, whatever the season, with filth protector. Especially with white shoes, I'm extra careful to have not only a dedicated brush, polishing cloth, and white polish, but also some scuff cover. When I come in, I wipe them down with a baby wipe and put them away with shoe trees. I never wear the same pair two days in a row, and the first time they need reheeling I get a sole stuck on as well. My shoes, even my white ones, tend to last a long time.
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