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Where's the best place online to buy quality baby Halloween costumes?

erst jr. will be 14/15 months on Halloween. We'd like to buy some sort of super cute costume for him. Apparently we're too late to buy thePotteryBarnKids costumes that we like in erst jr's size, and it's too late for us to sew a costume ourselves or get a grandma to sew it for us (seriously, it's too late, we're busy people and so are all the g-parents, yes, yes, we'll plan better next year, I promise!).

Having bought things from places like,, and in the past, and having been much less than impressed with their products (hey, you get what you pay for)... can you recommend a higher-quality costume shop that has baby sizes?

We've also looked at and none of the selections in his size are appealing.

If it helps at all, Mr. Erst and I both own wizarding/witch costumes, so coordinating costume would be cute (black cat, pumpkin, tiny wizard, etc) Mr. Erst would also be happy if baby Erst was a dinosaur, crocodile, lizard, or other reptilian sort of thing. However, all suggestions welcome!
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Response by poster: Apparently the PotteryBarnKids costumes link didn't show up. I swear this isn't an ad for that site, it's just an example of the level of cute and awesome we're looking for.
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Have you checked Old Navy or Gymboree? Also try a mom to mom sale in your area. I've found quite a few at those.
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Chasing fireflies has beautiful kid costumes. My daughter's Elsa dress was delivered yesterday and was worth every penny. Lovely quality, thrilled child.
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2nd chasing fireflies. Also check ebay for the pottery barn costume. For any specific costumes, I've been looking them up on Amazon for reviews. Some brands can run large or small.
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I was at carter's yesterday and they had a cute dinosaur/lizard costume but I don't see it online. Do you have a local store you can visit or call?
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Craigslist & Freecycle are great for this - kids wear costumes once before they outgrow them, mostly.
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Land of Nod might be worth a look.
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Ooh...Costco!! Every year, late August or thereabouts, they put out a bunch of Carters baby and toddler costumes. They are VERY CUTE and excellent quality. A toddler tiger costume lasted two years for my older son, who is admittedly small for his age. I bought a super cute little dragon for my six-month-old (maybe the one you saw at the store, gatorae!) - nothing cuter than a baby with wings. I really think they are as nice or nicer than the $70 PBK ones, and it was a very cute assortment to pick from.
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