How do I find a forensic network guru with Apple experience?
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I need a network forensic specialist with Apple experience in South Florida. What qualifications am I looking for? Everybody I can find only knows Windows environment. I'm a non-tech person and don't even know what questions to ask or where to start looking. Thanks!
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On the pure networking side it doesn't matter what client platform you're good at. If you're looking at systems, then that's a different thing entirely. Maybe call some local network consulting companies and ask for referrals for Apple people. Note that many of them are likely to tell you that they can do the work and then they'll show up and try to figure it out. You'll have to push them to understand that you're looking for someone with actual experience.
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If you can't find an apple expert, find a linux expert, because apple's network stack is all based on Unix.
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What is the problem you are trying to solve?
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Agree with Candleman..a little more information about what you're trying to accomplish would help a lot in pointing you in the right direction.
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Agreed, any decent Linux security person should be able to deal with a mac based problem. The main difference is the file system type if doing any hd forensic imaging.
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A Linux expert won't be as much use for forensic analysis, as the underpinnings of Linux and OS X are based on two mostly different strands of Unix, and what is done to recover and extract data from OS X machines requires an accordingly different set of tools and knowledge from that which might be used on a Linux machine.
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I'm in SW Florida (Tampa Bay Area), so if you want to privately message me with more details, I may be able to help.
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