Advice for a homemade zombie animal Halloween costume?
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My kid wants to be a zombie weasel for Halloween. Help me make it awesome!

My stepson, who will turn nine in mid-October, has chosen a Halloween costume. The idea is "zombie weasel." I have a vision, sort of, but I'm no professional seamstress. And he's afraid of being embarrassed, so he may refuse to wear anything that is not sufficiently funny and cool.

I think the monkey version (E) of this pattern is my starting point: Butterick 3238. I'd add strips of torn fabric and artful dirt, and zombie makeup.

I would love to have entrails hanging out, like the Zombabiez baby costume, but I'm not quite sure how to go about making something like that. Butterick does not appear to have a pattern for "guts."

He doesn't want truly disgusting, realistic zombie guts. More like these stuffed animals, cartoony and silly.

Any ideas for ways to add more awesome, or make it easier?
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How about tire treads on his back? Zombie roadkill!
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A few basic intestines would be easy enough; it's be like making fake old-fashioned hot dogs. Sew long tubes of knit fabric in your favorite gut colors, or use cut-off tights or pantyhose. Stuff, tie off, and tack in place. But I agree that less is more. Zombie makeup, little animal nose and whiskers, fake blood around the mouth. If he can stand having them on there all day, maybe some bits of putty or something stuck around the mouth to look like freshly-consumed brains.
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For the guts just sew a bunch of 1-3 inch diameter tubes out of red, blue and green shiny and stretchy fabric and then stuff them irregularly with cotton.
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Weasels have lighter tummies and bottom halves of their faces. I'm not sure how the butterick costume is constructed but it looks like you should be able to piece together some lighter fabric with the darker to make the larger pieces of the pattern, and then sew as instructed, a lot like color blocking.

I think it should be fairly easy to make a rib applique. Take red fabric (maybe shiny) and then large rib-shaped pieces of white or cream felt and glue/sew on. Weasels have thin bones! Then apply to the costume approximately in place along his side, trim with torn brown or cream fabric from the main part of the costume. Maybe you could hide part of it where his arm hangs down, so he can be like "ow my side hurts!" and then lift up his arm to show people his insides.

You could leave off one of the mitten hands and instead paint the back of his hand with bones, or do a black glove with white painted bones on it, and then a very raggedy cuff on that arm.
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This weasel hat / mask is built on top of a bicycle helmet--maybe an idea worth considering if you want to make a big, pointy, but non-vision-obstructing face and need a good base to fix it to.
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Response by poster: Thanks everyone :)
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