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MixCDFilter: Any minute now, I'll be an aunt. I'd like to make a lullaby mix CD for my hipster niece/nephew-to-be. Suggestions?

I'm looking more for quiet, peaceful songs by "regular" artists, rather than straight-up kids songs. Think more acoustic renderings of rock/pop, less Yanni.
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Ministry of Sounds - Chillout Sessions 3, coming down from MDMA or coming out of the womb -- it works.
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"Good Night," The Beatles
"Hush," Jellyfish
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Luka Bloom! He wrote an entire lullaby CD: Before Sleep Comes. His latest, Innocence, is sweet too. Soothing voice with fingerpicking guitar.
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Best answer: I think Iron and Wine's cover of Such Great Heights would make a beautiful lullabye.
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"Cradle Song," Shriekback
"Glow Worms," Vashti Bunyan
"Apples in Bed," The Go-Betweens
"Autumn's Child," Devendra Barnhart
"And Dream of Sheep," Kate Bush
"Seaflowers (A Dream of Waters, pt. 3)," Skygreen Leopards
"So We Go," The Hang Ups
"Regenisraen," Game Theory
"Cool Waves," Spiritualized
"I Wish I Was The Moon Tonight," Neko Case
Pretty much anything by Sigur Ros, don't you think?

Happy aunthood!
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Oh, and I forgot this little gem by They Might Be Giants.
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Naive Melody by Talking Heads
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Best answer: From my own lullaby mix:

Air - Ce Matin-Là (Dreamy with some nice sax!)
American Analog Set - Don't Wake Me (Sorta boring + incredibly chilled out guitarwork = zzzzzz)
Azure Ray - Sleep (Holy crap this song is relaxing and beautiful)
Bonnie "Prince" Billy - Lion Lair (Slower, but most of all Oldham's low smooooth voice is great for winding down the day)
Jeff Buckley - Corpus Christi Carol (Soft guitars and a pretty falsetto voice)
M. Ward - Well-Tempered Clavier (M. Ward does Bach!)
Múm - Green Grass of Tunnel (Just make sure you don't have the volume on too loud if you include this)
Nick Drake - Fly
Sigur Rós - Untitled [Track 4 off () ] (Those Icelandic folks do this thing well-- hard to sleep with 16 hours of winter sunlight daily)
Sufjan Stevens - Vito's Ordination Song (Very warm sounding keys and horns with the whispery voices/harmonies)
Will Johnson - In a Motionless Way (Beautiful rumbly voice-- the album was recorded in a big barn and you can even hear crickets chirping on the track!)
Yo la Tengo - Tears are in Your Eyes (Classic!)

(Iron & Wine is a wonderful suggestion!)
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House on Pooh's Corner (amazon link) by Kenny Loggins and Jim Messina.
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I would recommend these soothing pop melodies:

The Pretenders - I Go To Sleep (the acoustic version uses piano, not guitars and drums, and is reminiscent of the soundtrack to the movie Amelie)
The Softies - Perfect Dear (two girls singing a capella, really quite lullabyish)
Fiona Apple - Across the Universe (Beatles cover)

Still recommended, but with caveat on the lyrics:
Elliott Smith - Waltz #2 (the repetitive rhythm is soothing)
Blur - To The End (very soft, with a few crescendos)
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Lullaby - Ben Folds Five
Beautiful Baby - Don McLean

and congratulations!
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Best answer: When I made a very similar mix, it was called Hip Songs for Sleepy Babies and contained

Book of Love by Magnetic Fields
One More Goodnight Kiss by Greg Brown
All Right for Now by Tom Petty
Lullaby by Jack Johnson
#3 by Ben Harper & Co.
Say a Little Prayer by Shawn Colvin
Midnight Moonlight by the Be Good Tanyas
Song of Sand by Suzanne Vega
Makambo by Geoffrey Oryema
Kokoba by Mahaleo
The Kiss by Wayne Horvitz
I'm a Fool by Wayne Horvitz
Bwana Toshi by Arthur Lyman
Stellar Lullabye by SF Seals
Way Over Yonder in the Minor Key by Billy Bragg/Wilco
Something by Phish, I don't know what it is
We All, Us Three, Will Ride by Palace Music
I'll Always Remember You by Natalie McMaster
Gauley Bridge by Songs::Ohia
All the Pretty Li'l Horses by Shawn Colvin
Some environmental music with crickets and frogs
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Almost anything from the band Low will work, except their latest album.

And I second the Sigur Ros recommendation. Man that whole album is wonderful. It's our falling-asleep-on-an-airplane music. It's almost womb-like, making you feel soothed, safe, and secure.
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I absolutely second neustile's suggestion. Start the kid off on the right foot. Bedtime With the Beatles also serves as my studying and chill out music.
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OK, I'm a total geek but: "Washu's Lullaby" from Tenchi Muyo! is excellent, due to Yuko Kobayashi's outstanding vocals.
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Best answer: The Decemberists - Clementine
The Magnetic Fields - The Book of Love
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Response by poster: Awesome suggestions, all! I'm leading with Iron & Wine, without a doubt - that's precisely the vibe I want. Closing with cricket sounds from Trip Shakespeare's Lulu album - thanks, Jessamyn, for reminding me that I had it. Feel free to keep the songs coming; I may make a lullaby CD for myself.
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Sweet Baby James - James Taylor
Blessed - Elton John

and there's another that I can't bring to the front of my brain right now. I'll post it when I remember.
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Best answer: The Smiths - Asleep (for the lyrics and the song)
Badly Drawn Boy - The Shining (just cause it's pretty, oooh and he does talk about sleep..)
Mirah - While we have the sun (quiet and soft and lovely)
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"Moon on Your Pajamas" and/or "Sweet Pea, My Sweet Pea" by Paul Weller
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I second the use of Be Good Tanyas and I think it would fit well with the acoustic front-porch folk feel of Iron & Wine.
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Try something by Zero7.

Also, "Hayling" by FC Kahuna and "Glowing Yellow" by Eva Abraham

Great idea, by the way.
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Best answer: Finally remembered...

When You Dream - Barenaked Ladies
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"1559 w. cuningham cosmogr. glasse" by Akira Rabelais. It's track 5 off of Spellewauerynscherde. I think it actually is a lullaby--in Icelandic!
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Also, if you could find "Edo Lullaby" by Ensemble Nipponia, check it out. Another version of the same melody (well, there are probably lots of them but I only have two) is "Komoriuta" off of a compilation called Lullaby for the Moon...both are'd make a nice bracketing for a bunch of "normal" music...
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Cat Stevens-Moonshadow, The Wind
Modest Mouse-Sleepwalkin
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Cat Power's cover of "I Found a Reason"

Múm definitely has that childlike wonder sound down, so one of the downtempo tracks from Finally We are No One might be nice.

Come to think of it, the Steve Reich track that gave me my user name really soothes me, but he's a composer, so it might not be what you're looking for.

If Radiohead's your thing, there's Cristopher O'Reilly's piano arrangements, or the album version of "Sail Me to the Moon" - or, hell, even "Treefingers" itself.
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Porcelain by RHCP

Avril 14th by Aphex Twin

Teardrop by Massive Attack
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Someone has already mentioned TMBG's "Bed, Bed, Bed" off their kids' album, No!, but that is actually not a great lullabye song (it rocks much to hard). Even better off the same album is "Lazyhead and Sleepybones".
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It's a Fine Day by Jane & Barton

O Superman by Laurie Anderson?
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Check out Stay Awake. It's a collection of Disney songs covered by (then) popular artists.

Bonnie Raitt singing Baby Mine
Suzanne Vega singing Stay Awake

if you want to scare the kid, you can add...
Tom Waits croaking Heigh Ho

Also, a great one by a local artist here, Kim Taylor. Griffin's Lullaby from her album So Black, So Bright which you can get from iTunes.
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To clarify the whole "Bed, Bed, Bed" situation, the No! version is NOT a lullabye, although the version on the CD that comes with the Bed, Bed, Bed book is one. (With vocals by Kimya Dawson instead of Linnell -- though I don't like that version much at all -- possbily because I cannot stand the Moldy Peaches or her solo stuff; so I'd probably second "Lazyhead and Sleepybones" from No! anyway. But if you, you know, don't despise the Moldy Peaches/Kimya Dawson, you might check the book version of "Bed, Bed, Bed" out, too.)
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Response by poster: Thanks to everyone for all the suggestions. It looks like I might have a couple days now to put this (thanks to you, totally awesome) CD together. I'll be sure to post the final track list for posterity.
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Dirty Three, especially Ocean Songs. It's the album I fall asleep to myself.

And just so you know, I am ripping off every one of these suggestions and putting a CD in the mail to my wee nephew tomorrow. This is a great idea.
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Friends of mine reported that their infant really did like Raymond Scott's Soothing Sounds for Baby.
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great thread.

Innocence Mission has a cd of lullabies out now that gets good reviews.
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Latecomer, but Puff the Magic Dragon by either Peter Paul & Mary or Seal. Alison Krauss also has a wonderful version of Baby Mine. If you aren't averse to Christian-themed songs, Kathy Mattea's Christ Child Lullabye helps me sleep.
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Sarah McLachlan "Angel"
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I've compiled a list of all the songs and albums mentioned in this thread, which can be viewed here.
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St. Judy's Comet by Paul Simon?
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Response by poster: Here's the playlist - song * artist * album. Some of the songs, while not directly suggested in this thread, were found by exploring some of the artists I wasn't familiar with. Thanks to everyone for a great thread!

1 * Such Great Heights * Iron & Wine * Garden State Soundtrack
2 * You Can Not Lose My Love (demo) * Sara Groves * The Other Side of Something Bonus Disk
3 * Ice Cream * Sarah McLachlan * Fumbling Toward Ecstasy
4 * Superman (live) * Five For Fighting * (recorded live at, quieter, more reflective than the original)
5 * All the Pretty Li’l Horses * Shawn Colvin * Holiday Songs and Lullabies
6 * Rain, Rain, Beautiful Rain * Ladysmith Black Mambazo * Shaka Zulu
7 * First Time Ever I Saw Your Face * Johnny Cash * American IV
8 * When You Dream * Barenaked Ladies * Stunt
9 * While We Have the Sun * Mirah Yom Tov Zeitlyn * Songs from the Black Mountain Music Project
10 * The Book of Love * The Magnetic Fields * 69 Love Songs
11 * Lullaby * Greg Brown * Covenant
12 * Tears are in Your Eyes * Yo La Tengo * And Then Nothing Turned Itself Inside-Out
13 * Midnight Moonlight * The Be Good Tanyas * Chinatown
14 * Falling * Angelo Badalamenti * Twin Peaks Soundtrack
15 * Wee Small Hours of the Morning * Frank Sinatra * The Best of the Capitol Years
16 * The Luckiest * Ben Folds * Rockin' the Suburbs
17 * Baby Mine * Bette Midler * Beaches
18 * Moon River * The Innocence Mission * Now the Day is Over
19 * ?? (crickets) * Trip Shakespeare * Lulu
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