Help me compile a mix of songs about Star Wars!
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Help me compile a mix of songs about Star Wars!

I'm looking for songs about any of the Star Wars movies or characters for a mix cd. About, not from, so nothing from the soundtracks, please. Examples include Fett's Vette by MC Chris and A New Hope by Blink 182. Any genre accepted.

Additionally, an appropriately awesome title for the mix is needed. Suggestions for songs and title would be greatly appreciated!
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How about Weird Al's songs "Yoda" and "The Saga Begins"?

PS > Please send me a copy of this mix :)
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Weird Al Yankovick's "Yoda" is so on the money here....
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Richard Cheese's Star Wars Cantina.
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Richard Cheese's "Star Wars Cantina" (to the tune of Copacabana)

Dan Ackroyd singing the lyrics to the star wars theme from the SNL skit.
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Gotta include Nick's lounge version of the theme.

Also: "Michael Romeo, guitarist for progressive metal band Symphony X, did his own rendition of music from Star Wars. The song is entirely done on guitar, with only minor drums throughout. It is rumoured that the piece uses 25 guitar tracks. It is featured on Symphony X's demo disc "Symphony X: Rarities and Demos", an album only available through the Symphony X official fanclub, Church of the Machine. Mariachi Vargas de Tecalitlan performed their own version of the theme song under the pseudonym Mariachi Los Vargas under the title "La Guerra de las Galaxias"."
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Bill Murray sings 'Star Wars'
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Smog - "I Am Star Wars Today"

I am star wars today
I am no longer english grey

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Also, there's a John Williams tribute with the music from his songs and lyrics about Star Wars in particular. LINK
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Pretty Fly for a Jedi by Chris Bodily TM.
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Also, in Family Guy's Blue Harvest Star Wars Tribute special features some choice moments when characters riding an elevator in the Death Star enjoy the Star Wars theme Muzak-style.
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From the Clerks soundtrack, "Chewbacca," by Supernova.
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Chewbacca by Supernova
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I'm trying to remember -- do the Nerf Herders have any songs about Star Wars, or did they just steal the name from there?
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Sorry to keep posting more (what am I apologizing for?). Here are a few more I've come across:

Steven Cavanagh did a whole pile of Star Wars parody songs.
Richard Cheese - Imperial March (no lyrics, but a lounge mix of it)
What Can You Get A Wookie For Christmas (When He Already Owns A Comb)
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Atom and His Package- The Palestinians Are Not the Same Thing as the Rebel Alliance, Jackass

Strange guy, hilarious words, very catch 80's pop inspired music.
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sorry for the lack of links here, but hopefully there will be something in here for your mix:

• neon neon (side project of rhys from super furry animals) - "i told her on alderaan"
• the coctails - "luke? luke?" "the hell to pay" and "alderaan" (all from the popcorn box set, or the hello music club ep)
• thingy (old band of rob crow from pinback) - "semolina/kessel run" "o.b.1." and "revolution in a box"
• rose melberg - "the wookiee that i loved"

great idea for a mix!
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Death Star - The Presidents of the United States of America
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So Long Princess' oeuvre is songs about Star Wars.
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DJ Z-Trip fed the Imperial March into his Uneasy Listening Vol. 1 mix. It is awesome. You can download it here.
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If you want something leftfield, Swedish singer/songwriter Oscar Danielson had a song called "Star Wars" on his 1996 album "Schysst & Populär." The song is in Swedish, but the Star Wars theme features prominently, so should make sense to non-Swedish speakers, too. It doesn't seem to be readily available in the US, so send me a MeMail if you'd like a copy.
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MC Chris of Aqua Teen Hunger Force fame... Fett's Vette
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More Rob Crow (from his My Room Is A Mess album): Jedi Outcast
Sith spit!
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Meco's Star Wars disco is a classic
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It's a bit of a stretch, but The Bloodhound Gang "Fire Water Burn" has a line in it about "kinda like Han Solo, always stroking my own Wookie". But it's more of a passing mention than the song being about S.W.
Also: Tom Smith, "Rock Me Amidala"
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Also also, MC Frontalot, "Yellow Lasers"
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I downloaded this once from some dude's blog. I think most of the songs suggested above were on it, and it came with cover art, all in one giant zip. It had a good name too.(Gooooooooogling...)

Found it!

Senator Palpatine's Lonely Darth Command

Alas, the download is disabled. Still, the whole playlist is there. That might help.
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About 10 years ago, there was this mashup release using samples from the movies mixed with dj beats etc.
It was called suckadelic Star Wars Breakbeats and it was pretty cool.

megaupload link via a blog review from a few weeks ago that hopefully might still be up.
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My band has one (written and sung by our bass player, not my fault): Honest Bob and the Factory-to-Dealer Incentives - Tatooine. You can buy the song individually on iTunes or wherever.
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Coctails In The Cantina is swing versions of Star Wars songs. a VERY good album

I'm also a fan of the Jedi Drinking Song on this album: Brobdingnagian Fairy Tales

If you can find the SNL skit, Jimmy Fallon does a bit during the release of Phantom Menace where he sings to the tunes of "every Morning", "My Name Is..." and one other 90s popular song.
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Oooh Ooh

Droid by The Selby Tigers (free mp3 from label, Hopeless Records)
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A beats/breaks record, intended for battle DJs and whatnot: Boba Fettucini's Jawa Breaks.

And I think Last Emperor's 'Echo Leader' has a bunch of Star Wars references.
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I know I posted earlier, but Hip Hop Group Jedi Mind Tricks and super geek Josh Eppard's solo Hip Hop guy Weerd Science has several references to the Star Wars universe in his only CD.
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How about: "Conversational Bocce" for a title?
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Yoda Sunscreen

"Get to know your father. You never know if Darth Vader he will turn out to be..."
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Oh No! Oh My! has a song called Oh Be One which fits the bill.
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if crude and rude are okay, i always get a chuckle from the Star Wars Gangsta Rap from Bentrame
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Fett's Vette by mc chris.
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Response by poster: Whee! Thanks for the responses, everyone! I'll take a listen to all that I can find and knock a list together.

The Man from Lardfork! That is an excellent resource. Thank you!
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I think I just got an idea for a great Christmas present for my husband here. Thanks, alpha_betty! (And hey, if you pull together a CD, could I get you to burn one for me too? I'm pretty remedial about the whole digital media thing...)
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Arniec's suggestion, Jedi Drinking Song, also has a free download here.
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The Star Wars gangsta rap is pretty damn funny (and profanity-laden). You could extract the audio fairly easily.
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A long time ago in 90's Portland, there existed a Star Wars cover band named
Twin Sister. Their original name was Boba Fett, but according to the myth, Lucas found out and forced them to change it.

A few qenuine mp3s as well as little info can be found here.

Virtually all the lyrics are quotes from the movies.

Sadly, I never got to see them live, but I did manage to snag one of their cd's before they faded away.
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While it's a variation of the soundtrack, a snippet of the aforementioned Meco disco versions has just gotta be worked in somehow. And/or Symphony X's metal instrumental version. I'm grateful for those recommendations of Richard Cheese... I'd never heard him before.

As for compilation titles, I got a million of 'em.

12-Parsec Blues
Lightsaber Lullabies
Starfighter/Star Destroyer/Stormtrooper/Sith Lord Singalongs
Cantina Classics: Live from Mos Eisley
Songs for X-Wingin' Lovers
Kessel Run Revisited
Alderaan Calling
The Ballad of the Bearded One... and Other Classics from a Galaxy Far, Far Away.
I Can Has Star Wars Music? (or maybe not... unless you can find a hilarious Star Wars/kitty photo)

And maybe go with a two-part title in order to maximize Star Wars musical pun-age.
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How could I have forgotten Mclusky's Lightsabre Cocksucking Blues? [WATCH. THIS. VIDEO.]
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Brian Dewan has covered R2D2 We Wish You a Merry Christmas.
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Late to this game, but Star Wars, The Musical (one of several over the years) cannot go unmentioned.
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