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Any ideas for songs to put on the quintessential Music to Fuck To Mix?
(John Mayer, Dave Matthews, Barry White need not apply.)
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You could start here
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All you need.
posted by Evstar at 9:19 PM on December 9, 2004

America by Neil Diamond. Especially if your partner is willing to do all of the typical Neil Diamond gestures while you're doing it.
posted by sophie at 9:20 PM on December 9, 2004

Anyone who says Nine Inch Nails - Closer, I will kick in the knee.

Also, this question was covered here.
posted by falconred at 9:20 PM on December 9, 2004

Exploited - Sex and Violence. Simple lyrics, five minutes long, starts slow and just gets faster and faster.
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How about this? :-)
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Asked and answered.
A thread that caused many to fall in l(ove)ust with dobbs.
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But Barry White is the Walrus of Luv!

I'd opt for voiceless music - that way you don't have words other than your lover's to distract you - and maybe something with a changeable tempo. Some Coltrane ballads, maybe?
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"Being Held", by The For Carnation.

If you're doin' it with a demon, I guess. Still, one of the sexiest songs ever.
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Sabre Dance


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The Ketchup Song. Definitely The Ketchup Song.
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I'll give a shout for Angels of Light for some slightly evil sex.
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Most of the stuff in the previous thread would be too mellow or too saccharine to put me in the mood, without enough wickedevilbass. But then, I think Dazed And Confused is h0ttt. And I second the Dulli-is-sex vote (try Neglekted).
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Andrea Bocelli.
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Enigma MCMXC A.D. did very well for me in high school.
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geekyguy already linked the previous thread, which was what I was gonna do. (I've got more emails--and requests for cds--from that thread than just about anything I've said on metafilter except maybe the mulholland drive threads.)

It should be noted that much of that music is of for slow-moving-wet-in-the-dark-sex and not bump and grind stuff.

If you like the slow-moving-wet-in-the-dark-sex than I would add The Dead Texan's fantastic new CD to your bedroom cd player. (video for one of the tracks)

And I recently completed a CD for a christmas card for friends and here's the tracklist, which again, is for the slower moving among you:

1. Godspeed You Black Emperor - Dead Flag Blues (edit)
2. Kammerflimmer Kollktief - Sie Tranken Regen
3. HochenKeit - Two Fish Kissing
4. Polmo Polpo - Rottura
5. Jackie-O Motherfucker - Pray
6. Papa M - I am Lonely Without Cricket
7. Gas - Sechs
8. Stars of the Lid - Anchor States Part I
9. The Dead Texan - When I See Scissors, I Cannot Help But Think Of You
10. Loop - Shot with a Diamond

It's only 10 tracks but runs 77 minutes.

None of it will put you in the mood for lovin' but if the mood's already there, it will certainly add to the experience.
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Lovage, "Strangers on a Train" for a nice slow hot afternoon screw.
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Sheesh...I don't think that I've heard of ANY of these artists or songs.

Of course, the flip side (heh) is that you don't need music at all. How about just a few fans to create a slight background noise of rushing air?
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sophie: awesome. Just awesome.
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I never really understood certain music to have sex by, but off the top of my head I think there would be several good choices amongst Zeppelin, Bowie, Mogwai, Massive Attack, U2, Jesus and Mary Chain, The Cure, Hendrix, Goldfrapp, Skinny Puppy, Moby, The Prodigy, Pink Floyd, Morphine, Lacuna Coil, VNV Nation, The Doors, The Orb, Stone Roses, Pulp, Kate Bush, Swans, R.E.M., Smashing Pumpkins, Faith and the Muse, Her Space Holiday, Placebo, Evanescence, Depeche Mode, Lali Puna, X, Peter Murphy, Iggy Pop, Interpol, Bjork, Lamb, Medicine, Curve, Velvet Underground, Joy Division, Yazoo, Filter, Lush, Sisters of Mercy, Suede, Cocteau Twins, and a lot of reggae.
I guess I would look more for songs that "sound" sexy rather than something obvious like Billie Holiday, Counting Crows, Van Morrisson, or Lords of Acid.
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Ride of the Valkyries. No, really.
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Anything by Willie Bobo
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dobbs: I stayed with one of the guys from Jackie-O Mutherfucker about 7 years ago. I never thought I'd see 'em mentioned round these parts.

On topic: Pretty much anything by Al Green.
An old g/f & I used to go like li'l bunnies to Michael Nyman's soundtrack to The Cook, the Thief, His Wife and Her Lover which, on reflection, could be construed as being a bit twisted.

'French Kiss' by Li'l Louis was (cornily enough) another on I rember from my youth...

Try the new Sounds from the Ground CD (Luminece?)

Another vote for The Orb (esp. Adventures & UFOrb).

Logical Progression 1 compilation is a killer if you're into your smoother D&B.

And so on...
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The Cook, the Thief, His Wife and Her Lover

I'll second that.
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Not a song, but a sex soundtrack:

Madam Zu - Live @ WEMF

Incredible 2hr UK Hard House set. Good for nasty hard bangin' sex. The exbf and I used to have incredible sex to that (because you can't help but follow the 145-150bpm tempo...)
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I'll second the Massive Attack and Zeppelin...one of my favorites would probably be Postal Service "Give Up" in it's entirety (esp. "This Place is a Prison") and maybe Portishead? Phil Collins? My number one is definitely Sigur Ros (either album) because it's vocal but in a really cool, non linguistic way - also flows so good so I really recommend this one for a listen. The band is from Iceland I believe and they sing in a weird invented language where the voice is practically another instrument. Check out a song called "Vaka" by them.
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My all time greatest song for getting freaky would have to be 'Three days' by Jane's Addiction. It's a song about fucking(for three days). Only problem is that it goes on for 13 minutes(well it's a problem for me anyway). Maybe drop 'Whole lotta love' by Led Zeppelin in there somewhere. Some James Brown (Sex Machine is the obvious choice I suppose). I think the key to good sexy-time would be to vary the tempo(of the music).
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Roxy Music - Avalon and/or More Than This.
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Paradise by the Dashboard Light by Meatloaf. It'll get you in that kinky nostalgic mood--forbidden backseat fruit and all that, except hopefully your partner's now got some better aim and some skillz.
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Steuermann, Lass Die Wacht / Johohe, Johohe from Der Fliegende Hollaender, followed by Dies Irae from Verdi's Requiem Mass.
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Anything by Astrud Gilberto.
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Reverend Horton Heat.
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I vote for ?uestlove's Babies Making Babies compilation.
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From a mix i made

01. Prince - Pussy Control
02. Revolting Cocks - Do Ya Think I'm Sexy?
03. Nine Inch nails - Get Down Make love
04. Digital Underground - Humpty Dance
05. Basement Jaxx - Get me off
06. Prodigy - Smack my bitch up
07. DJ Cash Money - Shake that ass bitch
08. Lovage - Book of the month
09. No Doubt - Hella Good
10. Lords of Acid - I sit on acid
11. Monifah - touch it
12. Chef - Simultaneous
13. Mindless Self Indulgence - Pussy all night
14. Tool - Prison Sex
14. Ween - She fucks me
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"I Want To Take You Higher" by Sly & The Family Stone for athletic, sweaty sex.

"Be My Baby" by the Ronettes for sweet, cuddly sex.
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Destiny by Zero 7
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"I Want To Take You Higher" by Sly & The Family Stone for athletic, sweaty sex

Ohio Players "Fire" is another one.
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Sister Machine Gun, "Red".
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I once had really great sex to "War Pigs" and "The Wizard."

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Anything by ambient composer Robert Rich. I'm particularly fond of "Trances/Drones" and "Below Zero."
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hot chocolate. you sexy thing.

oh yeah, and pink floyd's dogs of war. in high school, i overheard an older guy saying to his friend (as the song blared from the shop radio) "this would be a good song to fuck to." in retrospect he might have been right, if the girl was up to it.
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Confirmed, definately Peaches
posted by holloway at 2:31 AM on December 15, 2004

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