the joy of a child, in a 70-minute cd
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Songs about motherhood?

A good friend is about to give birth, and I'd like to give her a mix CD of songs about motherhood. Positive songs preferably! It may be possible to stretch it to songs about parenting. I'm thinking about songs such as Lauren Hill's "To Zion". What are your thoughts?
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"Pink and Blue" by the Mountain Goats is a baby-related song I really like. It's from their album All Hail West Texas, which is great in general.
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two about parenthood/babies that come to mind: "Isn't She Lovely" by Stevie Wonder and "Beautiful Boy, Darling Boy" by John Lennon.
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"The one who knows" by Dar Williams is a lovely song.
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Golly, the Mountain Goats must be getting more popular than I thought they were - first suggestion in the thread! Mercy sakes! I second that suggestion, it was the first that popped into my mind.
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I'm by no means an expert in this field, but: "Lions and Tigers" and "Sympathy" by Sleater-Kinney have convinced me that Corin Tucker is the coolest mom on the planet.
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Sweet Honey in the Rock sing a version of a Kahlil Gibran poem, "On Children," whose message is one every parent should probably hear often:

Your children are not your children.
They are the sons and daughters of Life's longing for itself.
They come through you but not from you,
And though they are with you yet they belong not to you...

It's on their 2-cd best-of and the "Breaths" and "Good News" albums.
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"Teach Your Children Well"? Crosby, Stills, & Nash.

"When I Was a Boy," Dar Williams (more about being a kid, but still awesome and cute)
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Although celebrating children in general more than specifically motherhood, everything on the very sweet CD Welcoming Children Into the World is excellent.
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Brian Eno - Put a Straw Under Baby from Taking Tiger Mountain (By Strategy)
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i'm keeping you by tanya donelly is reportedly a song about the birth of her daughter (you landed here / from inner space / you landed with that screwed up look on your face / i wanted you from way back when / i wanted you for years then years again / i'm keeping you so settle in). the rest of the album (beautysleep) has some similar songs.
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If I got such a CD, the Beatles' "Lady Madonna" would make me smile.
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Gracie, by Ben Folds, is lovely.
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The GF wants me to recommend "This Woman's Work" by Kate Bush. It's a good song, but maybe next time she'll pony up her own five bucks.

As for me I like the Throwing Muses' "University" -- it's a short instrumental with her children's voices in it. Very evocative in all the right ways.
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I did the same thing for a friend recently, though mine had a more general babies-and-mothers theme. Mine included:

"Song for Momma", Boys 2 Men
"Mama Said", Shirelles
"God Bless The Child", Billie Holiday
"Mama Got Her Boobs Out", Bob and Tom
"Didn't Leave Nobody But The Baby", Emmylou Harris
"Mamas Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Cowboys", Waylon Jennings and Willie Nelson
"Madonna with Child, ca. 1969", Guy Clark
"Mama, You Been On My Mind", Bob Dylan
"Mother and Child Reunion", Paul Simon
"Sweet Child O' Mine", Guns 'n' Roses
"Beautiful Child", Fleetwood Mac
"Baby Love", Supremes
"Lord, Protect My Child", Bob Dylan
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To a Child, Laura Nyro
Forever Young, Bob Dylan
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Woody Guthrie - Songs to Grow on for Mother and Child
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for a boy:

"Oo, little sleepy boy
Do you know what time it is?
Well the hour of your bedtime's long been past
And though I know you're fighting it
I can tell when you rub your eyes
You're fading fast, oh fading fast

Won't you run come see St. Judy's Comet
Roll across the skies
And leave a spray of diamonds in its wake
I long to see St. Judy's Comet
Sparkle in your eyes when you awake
Oh, when you wake, wake" -St Judy's Comet by Paul Simon (although the kenny loggins version isn't bad)
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"Apron Strings" by Everything But The Girl. Although to me, it speaks more of a pregnant woman's hopes for her child.
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David Bowie's "Kooks," on Hunky Dory, is about parenting, though not specifically motherhood. It's a lovely, lovely song which Bowie wrote for his new son.
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"Three Babies" by Sinead O'Connor always makes me tear up, and I'm a 300-pound galoot that designs video games.
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Rufus is a Tit Man- Loudon Wainiwright III
I love my Mom- The Roches
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"Kooks" is fantastic. Also in the songs-about-my-baby-son vein: "Rufus Is A Tit Man" by Loudon Wainwright III (that's a live version) (on preview - beat by cushie!).
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Mother, by Donna Lewis.
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Might be a stretch, but there's Lou Reed's Beginning of a Great Adventure. And I third Kooks. It makes me tear up every time.
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Also, All La Glory by The Band is a beautiful lullaby for a little girl.
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Good Mother - Jann Arden
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Stereolab: People Do It All The Time

fragile rare occasion
out of chaos a creation
binding into one form
lucid drunkeness
aiming truth and openess

baby you are a joy
I want you free when you grow boy
revive the old idea
that we carry
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Lucy Kaplansky's The Red Thread is about adopting a child from China--it's got some good songs on it.
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A little obscure, but "My First Child" by Nil Lara is beautiful. And this suggestion is probably too depressing, by "Little Green" by Joni Mitchell is my favorite song about motherhood, ever.
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The very beautiful Pretenders song, Show Me. Chrissy's lines get me every time ...

Welcome here from outer space
The milky way still in your eyes
You found yourself a hopeless case
One seeking perfection on earth
Some kind of rebirth
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Totally obscure, but excellent for a mother overcoming certain adversity to undertake the role (age, marital status, etc.) is Basia's "Perfect Mother."
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Tupac - "Dear Mama"

You always was a black queen, mama
I finally understand
for a woman it ain't easy tryin to raise a man
You always was committed
A poor single mother on welfare, tell me how ya did it
There's no way I can pay you back
But the plan is to show you that I understand
You are appreciated
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I second pazazygeek's vote for "Little Green"!
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Low - In Metal
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Dear Mama by 2Pac, not conventional but lovely none the less. Sadie by R. Kelly, Playboy Mommy by Tori Amos.
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