We want to have a wedding in the Atlanta area but in a big field. How?
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One of the possibilities we've discussed for our wedding next year would be to have it in some sort of "country-ish" setting. We live in Atlanta but the idea of a more casual feeling wedding that mixes the beautiful, sprawling outdoors near to a covered building or tent is very appealing to us.

We know there are options sort of like this inside the city (Park Tavern, Botanical Gardens, Cator Woolford, etc.) but we're looking for some places off the beaten path (and they don't need to be within the perimeter). Having a rainy day backup at the same location is important, though, so the building at wherever this hypothetical location is would have to be able to accommodate for that. We're thinking approximately 120 guests, btw.

Fire away with ideas, please! Thanks!
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It's been a while since I've been out there, but you might want to check out the Vines: http://www.vinesmansion.com/

They are way the heck out in Loganville, in Gwinnett Co, which at the time I was last there was very peaceful and quite a ways out in the country. It's a botanical garden with a couple of gazebos and an 80's mansion that would be suitable for weddings.
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I proposed to my wife at Little Gardens back when it was still a restaurant. Also in Gwinnett, which probably doesn't count as off the beaten path anymore.

There is probably something in Helen that might work. Or maybe one of the state parks up in the mountains?
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Congratulations! Willow Creek Falls (an hour and change north of Atlanta). Château Élan. Wolf Mountain Vineyards. Basically, just plug "Atlanta vineyard wedding" into a search engine - most venues have outdoor options like fields and terraces, as well as fail-safe indoor spots.
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This might be a bit farther than you have in mind, but The Farm in Candler, NC (west of Asheville, about three hours north of ATL) is rustic and lovely.
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Serenbe Farms?
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Cold Creek Farm
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I second Serenbe - south of the city, about 30 minutes from the airport.
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Loganville is a little bit less "out in the country" than it used to be, but it's not terribly grown up. I went caroling at the Vines one year for choir, and it really is quite lovely. You might check it out, if nothing else!
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