Firefox 29: Please share your favorite extensions, themes, and scripts
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Also Greasemonkey and Stylish

I am looking for any add-on suggestions assuming a fresh start with Firefox 29.0.1.

I realize there are previous threads (1, 2, and 3) but there have been some big changes since those discussions.

Thank you for any ideas.
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Since it is a fresh start - have you checked out Palemoon? It is like FF, but sticks with the traditional menu structure instead of the fancy new icons.

adblock plus is a must.
download status bar.
selfdestructing cookies
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I use classic theme restorer because I am a "nothing should ever change" pill.

DownThemAll, still good.

History Submenus, still good.

Reddit Enhancement Suite, still good (shut up), same with FB Purity.

SendTabURLs was great when I was working here and would say "here are the ten URLs I'm watching" to another mod. Very easy to jumt dump your tabs.

I use CheckCompatibility to make sure I can use the old themes (and add-ons) I like. Actually, I am also running SkipAddonCompatibilityCheck which might be what is doing that.
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AdBlock, NoScript, Greasemonkey (be sure to check for MeFi scripts--there are some good ones), and a tiny-menu one whose name escapes me. There are a bunch of those, and they all seem fairly similar--if you're into tiny menus, it's not hard to try out a few popular ones and see what you like.
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Make Link, because it does.
TinEye image search, so you can see who lifted that image from where.
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Adblock Plus (does what it says on the tin)
BetterPrivacy (nukes 'flash cookies' aka Local Shared Objects aka LSO)
Ghostery (blocks trackers)
Social Fixer (fixes Facebook annoyances)
Greasemonkey (+ script to show deleted posts on Metafilter)
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Maybe you could tell us what you like in a browser?
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CoolPreviews lets you mouseover any link and a fully-functioning preview/pop-up window appears. It's FF only and has totally spoiled me for switching browsesr. It's totally -- and easily -- customizable and you can disable it on any pages you choose. (I have it turned off on Google image searches.)

Aside from the privacy/security add-ons, if I could only have one extension it would be this one. Even Greasemonkey.
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I heavily customize the mefi interface via stylish and greasemonkey.
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I'm a big fan of Image Zoom. You can modify it's zoom in and zoom out menus to either be root level or nested in a folder on a right click.

Instead of TinEye, I use Image Search Options which lets you submit the image to multiple search engines (including TinEye of course).

I also use Status-4 Evar, to restore the Status Bar at the bottom and let me move extension buttons down there. (That's where I like to put the NoScript and AdBlock buttons for example.)
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Years ago, I had an addon that previewed IMDB links when you hover over them (it pops up the movie poster and shows the main actors), but it quit working. Lo and behold, here's one. I'm putting this back on.

Once I get home and back to my own computer, I'm going to look for a similar pop-up previewer for Amazon's site (a quick search didn't find one) and I'll check to see if CoolPreview which was suggested by Room 641-A will do this.

Both of those are necessitated by people here on AskMefi who answer questions like "what is the best ever movie for people who need to be cheered up?" with a link stating the word "this" or "here" as the only identification of what is behind that link. So much easier if you can just hover over the link and say "oh, Silence of the Lambs" without having to click through.
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There is a nifty little greasemonkey script that allows you to Ignore or Block users on Livefyre-powered forums, which makes for a wonderful troll filter.
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Ad Block Plus (with Facebook and Youtube filters)
Classic Theme Restorer
Greasemonkey (but I just use it for a Vbulletin group I am part of)
Memory Restart (Because FF can be a little piggy sometimes)

sidebar: does anyone know how to remove the blue glowing thing that happens when an App tab has updated content? I am easily distracted by shiny things. There are a variety of solutions that point to the userChrome.css file, but since FF 29.01 that solution doesn't work anymore.
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  1. Adblock Edge (Adblock Plus fork)
  2. BetterPrivacy (there's more than cookies to track you in this modern world)
  3. Classic Theme Restorer (undo some of the current version's app-ification)
  4. Cookie Monster (finer control over cookie acceptance)
  5. Customize Titlebar (relevant to me due to an idiosyncratically configured window manager, probably not interesting to most people most of the time)
  6. DownThemAll (indispenable)
  7. FlashBlock (nothing should move unless I say it can)
  8. GreaseMonkey (for now, but there are good reasons to move on)
  9. It's All Text! (compose with a real text editor and not just a textarea in your browser)
  10. Live HTTP headers (indispensable for troubleshooting in my work; of limited interest to non-professionals)
  11. Mouseless browsing (for keyboard-philes who'd rather not have to find home row over and over again)
  12. NoScript (improved privacy and security through rendering most of the web unusable)
  13. ProxySelector (indispensable if you use multiple proxies; uninteresting otherwise)
  14. RefControl (none of your business where I'm coming from)
  15. RequestPolicy (even more privacy and security by making the web even more unusable than NoScript alone)
  16. Stylish (indispensable)
  17. Tab Mix Plus (extended tab options)
  18. Vertical Toolbar (recently added for Firefox 29 to move pretty much everything off the navbar now that every icon is a gazillion miles wide)
  19. View Source Chart (another of interest to professionals)
  20. Web Developer (ditto)

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(skipped a thought there -- there are good reasons to move on from as a source of greasemonkey scripts)
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I'll check to see if CoolPreview which was suggested by Room 641-A will do this.

Yes, it can and it does! I can't think of anywhere it doesn't work, but I know once in a blue moon it won't like some js or something. (Relevant: it makes it a snap to preview links in comments or when making FPPs.) You can anchor the window, expand it to a tab, dock multiple windows to the's seriously great.

there have been some big changes

If you miss or need the add-on bar, or just hate that FF moved those icons up to the nav bar, The Addon Bar (Restored) will let you put everything back at the bottom of the browser. (You actually need it to access the on/off toggle for CoolPreviews I mentioned above, but all its other functions work without it.)

RequestPolicy (even more privacy and security by making the web even more unusable than NoScript alone)

Just seeing the name makes me cranky.
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All mine are for slacking off at work...
Toggle page colors removes color from pages and gives mifi a "professional white background"
Imageblock - also toggleable and removes all images from sites
Element hider helper (part of adblock) allows full site customization (i.e. getting rid of everything superfluous.
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Response by poster: Thank you for these suggestions. Looks like plenty of good options to sort through. Much appreciated!
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