Greasemonkey to Chrome. How do I make it work?
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How can I make this greasemonkey script for Firefox work in Chrome? Alternatively, is there a Chrome extension with the same functionality (searching Wikipedia, Flickr, and Youtube for each google query)? I'm on a PC.

I don't know a ton about the inner workings of computers or browsers, but I can follow instructions if there's something I need to do on my side. I know that some greasemonkey scripts work natively in Chrome, but this unfortunately does not seem to be one of them. This is the script I miss most from my Firefox days, so I really hope someone can help me out here. Thanks.
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In chrome, that functionality is built in, at least in the newest betas on Windows. Here's step by step directions:
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Response by poster: Thanks, but this script doesn't work for Chrome as-is. I have other greasemonkey scripts installed that do, but this one doesn't do that. My question is whether I can somehow force it to work on my end or replace it with a similar, working extension.
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Best answer: Well, it's not clear if you have seen the post on the userscripts discussion about the script that was posted the same day as your inquiry here, so here's link for you or others who might not know about about Chrome support for the Google Search Sidebar. (Maybe it's a response to your inquiry, I dunno.)

The Greasemonkey script discussion posted it as available as a Chrome extension at Recent user reviews seem mostly positive.
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sorry to jump on, but i'd also like to know about this in a more general sense.... it looks like metafilter-related scripts don't work in chrome. is that something that is going to be fixed, or am i doing something wrong?
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it looks like metafilter-related scripts don't work in chrome. is that something that is going to be fixed, or am i doing something wrong?

Are you asking me as a person who has posted several MetaFilter-related scripts, or as a general question tossed out to all the authors of such scripts?

Either way, I suggest avoiding asking the question as a tagged on query here because 1) a lot of interested parties won't see it here in a two-day-old differently-topic'ed question and 2) answers may hit the boundaries of what is not allowed as an off-topic reply (which I grant does expand and contract with some regularity).

Your question would work well as a new MetaTalk post because (two points again) 1) discussion of MetaFilter items is a main reason for MetaTalk and 2) the programmers and their supporters can go into more detail there on what you may need to do to make a specific script work, what can be done with specific scripts or MetaFilter scripts in general, and what is planned or under construction for Chrome support.
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Response by poster: mdevore, that is EXACTLY what I was looking for! THANK YOU.
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Response by poster: Now, if only I could remove/re-order the search... But I am happy.
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Huh, you know, it's not all that hard to modify the Chrome extension to turn off the dictionary search because the source still lives as a JavaScript file on your computer when you install the extension. The biggest problems are that each extension is uniquely signed, and if you customize the extension, you have to generate your own extension package (pretty simple, but not trivial) and you thereby lose the original extension automatic update ability.

Just tested it here, and the entry went away without complaint. If it REALLY bothers you, and losing the automatic updates isn't an issue, let me know and I can walk you through the change. It's 5-10 steps, depending on how you define step.
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Response by poster: It's not that big a deal to me. I realized that it only shows up when you're searching for a word or two, rather than a whole phrase, which is what I normally do, so it doesn't get in the way too much. I'm just happy to have my favorite script back!
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