wedding reception activity for tables that people would want to do?
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We are getting married and we want to have mini pinata-type things on each table at the reception (11 big tables). We want to put some fun stuff in the pinata (like glow sticks for later on) - including - some sort of activity. We want people to break open the pinata and then have to do something as a table. Not terrible or terrifying, very fun. 5-10 minutes. But what? What are your ideas for fun activities they can do? ALSO, what else should we put in the pinata that is fun and (ahem) cheap? Thank you!
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How about small notepads and colorful pens and instructions/requests that each person write what s/he thinks is the secret to a happy marriage?

Or you could provide the list of anniversary gift categories, you know 1st anniversary is paper, etc., and ask people for weird/funny gift ideas for each year's category.

And congratulations!
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The instructions for the followup task could probably be inside the pinata. Perhaps each step on a separate card or paper, wrapped around some candy to weight it? The first task (after the obvious one) is to collect and collate the instructions.

Popping a pinata with kazoos and whistles and drums and being tasked to craft a jingle for the bride and groom might be fun. And hideous to listen to.
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Jigsaw puzzles made from (funny) photos of the happy couple?
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Mini liquor bottles, tequila to fit the pinata theme. Also, take pictures of you and hubby and make mini jigsaw puzzles. Each table could have a picture from a different special event, put them together and share them. Oh, and mini liquor bottles.
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Bubbles to blow!

Can you find some mini colouring books and crayons?

Crossword puzzles? (If you just have one per table, people will probably work together on it.)
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Wedding/honeymoon themed mad-libs and little pencils!
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(Did I mention little bottles of booze yet?)
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No piñata but I was at a wedding where each table had to choreograph and sing a Motown song about love. If I remember, guests of all ages were enthusiastically rehearsing while the bride and groom had their pictures taken, and then each table performed once the reception started again. Cocktails were involved...
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Combine two games: Bingo and "Find someone who". In each bingo square, have text describing an attribute of a person ("has gone sailing", "Met the bride or groom at a party", "has children"). The tables can play all one card, or each person can have their own card. The first person or table to get bingo wins...something. Honor? A charm? Chocolate? A surprise hidden in the head of the piñata?

And of course the bingo game would be hidden in the piñata, perhaps folded or rolled up, along with a pen.

This is a good game because it makes people talk to each other and ask questions about their lives.
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A bunch of Legos and instructions to build something!
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Oh please do not make your guests choreograph and sing a song. I think I would actually leave if someone tried to make me do this at a wedding.

Let me speak for the socially awkward and support something that doesn't require active participation from everyone at the table. "Get to know you Bingo" is fine (though maybe boring if your tables are mostly obvious groupings of people, i.e. "cousins of the bride" or "friends from college"). Jigsaw puzzles or coloring pages or whatever are also fine. Packs of UNO cards or similar, maybe?
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A bunch of pipe cleaners, with the plan to take a photo of everyone (each table) wearing pipe cleaner hats.
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Put one-time-use cameras at each table. Let the guest take photos of your event for you.
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Mad libs!
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Trivial Pursuit and Pictionary cards.
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We popped little "guest cards" on each setting and they were a hit. Each card had questions pertaining to the bride and groom (how do you know us, what do you think we'll be doing in 5 years, what is it that M loves about F, what is it that F loves about M, and then asked for advice for marriage).

We popped colourful markers and pens on each table and people had so much fun in between courses filling them out. It was heartwarming seeing strangers comparing notes on what they had written - so it served as an unintended social activity too. They served in lieu of a guest book, too, and 1.5 years later we still pull cards out of the box to read, as they are HILARIOUS.

If you go this route, allow plenty of space... people like to draw! Also if you'd like to see my cards just memail me - we designed then printed them ourselves on cardstock.
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Lotteria is a fun twist on bingo, and I have seen versions of the game at dollar stores. I think hitting up a dollar store to help fill out your pinatas is a good idea, even if you don't by the game/activity there. Also, Target has some dollar bins, usually near the entrance. I would make sure you have some candy and some other non-food items.
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Put one-time-use cameras at each table. Let the guest take photos of your event for you.

Don't do this! We did and I spent a fortune developing pictures that were shit. Not one usable one in the bunch. Besides, everyone has a phone/camera now.

How about the Number Slide Puzzle

Mini Rubiks Cubes

Mini magic 8 balls

Angry birds puzzle cubes

Barrel of Monkeys

Bacially go to Party City and see the kids birthday party favors that they have.
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Well my idea is not an activity as such, but I went to a friend's wedding recently and they had little glass bottles of jelly belly jelly beans, which I thought were a nice touch. They were fun and went down well with adults and children.
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