Just reset Firefox - best extensions, addons, scripts, styles?
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I just reset Firefox after having a myriad of problems. I use Firefox 22 on a laptop running Windows 7. What extensions/add-on/Greasemonkey scripts/Stylish styles are must haves?

I've downloaded various add-on and extensions and whatnots over the years, and I think at some point some bits of my browser cruft disagreed with other bits. There would be random things that wouldn't load or play or work, and I'd have to skip it or find a workaround or look at it on a different browser. I finally got sick of it and reset Firefox, after learning I could do that but keep my bookmarks and passwords.

So, I'm starting fresh. What are your current must have Firefox add-ons and Greasemonkey scripts? What's the best ad-blocking extension?

I care reasonably about privacy but I'm not a fanatic about it, I like blocking ads, I use Facebook and Evernote frequently, I read and save PDFs. I copy and past stuff a fair amount (mostly into Evernote).

Things I've already added: Greasemonkey, the Evernote add-ons Clearly and Web Clipper, some MeFi Greasemonkey scripts, Copy As Plain Text, LastPass, and Stylish. I have seen this question and this one but they were 2 and 4 years ago, respectively. Surely there's some awesome new stuff since then?

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I currently have and highly recommend these add-ons, scripts and themes:


Adblock Plus
App Button Remove
Bloody Vikings!
Copy Link Text
Dictionary Lookup Extension
Download Statusbar
Element Hiding Helper for Adblock Plus
FoxyProxy Standard
Gmail Watcher
Google Translator for Firefox
Hide Caption Titlebar Plus
Image Zoom
MinimizeToTray revived (MinTrayR)
Office Black
Print Edit
QuickFox Notes
Reddit Enhancement Suite
Roomy Bookmarks Toolbar
Screengrab (fix version)
Simple Currency Converter
Tab Auto Reload
Tab Mix Plus
Text Link
Thumbnail Zoom Plus
TinEye Reverse Image Search
User Agent Switcher

Greasemonkey/Scriptish scripts:

Google Image Basic
Google MonkeyR
MeFi Deleted Posts
MeFi Navigator
Show Just Image 3

Stylish scripts:

DownloadThemAll - Remove Toolbars
DownloadThemAll Manager Spam Removal
Dropbox Dot Com Dark
Facebook Minimalistic Login
Full-width Twitter
GT DeepDark Theme for Google
MetaFilter (Green, Blue, Gray): Better Contrast
Rate Your Music - Black Stars
Retro YouTube
Tumblr - Midnight Chrome Dashboard
Wikipedia - Dark/Light, Width, Clarity


FT DeepDark
Office Black

Before installing any of the aforementioned, I suggest you install the custom-built and optimized Firefox-based browser Pale Moon. For me, it works better than Firefox did.

If you use a 64-bit OS, I suggest installing the 64-bit version of it.
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Nthing Adblock Plus, Noscript. I can't go without these. Noscript you gotta remember to enable for a lot of sites, but I'd still never ever go without it. It may be a bit excessive though.

As for things I just generally enjoy:

- Foxclocks (because I have friends in other countries).
- Reminderfox
- Cookies Manager
- Down them All
- FireFTP

I don't really do skins much so I can't help you with that.
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Ditto Adblock Plus, Tadbmix Plus, Download Status Bar.
If you're tied into the google ecosystem, I like Gmail Notifier and Integrated Google Calendar
If you do any front end webdev, Firebug is essential and MeasureIt and ColorZilla can be really useful.

As far as themes go, I'm using FX Chrome.
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AdBlock Plus

MeFi Deleted Posts
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If you have a lot of tabs open: UnloadTab
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Further to your enquiry:
AdBlock Plus

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HTTPS Everywhere
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I think all the good Adblock/Privacy have been posted already. Here are some extensions I use on a regular basis:

Grab My Books - Turn any page into an .epub or .mobi for your e-reader. You can edit the file before saving, I've had good luck with it so far with getting readable epubs.
LocationbarĀ² - Makes urls in the navigation bar easier to read and turns the different segments of the url into links.
Profile Switcher - Allows for easy profile switching, also lets you keep more than one Firefox profile open at a time. I don't use multiple profiles that much but when I do this extension is incredibly useful.
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Response by poster: Thanks all! A number of these were a little techie for me - I haven't done any webdev for a long time. Some were ones I used to have and had forgotten, some were new to me and useful. I kept track of what I'd installed and restarted every couple of add ons to make sure stuff was working together. NoScript is powerful and overwhelming. That's the one I'm having to fool with the most.

The one issue I'm running into is that NoScript and Evernote Clearly don't play nicely together, but copy and paste is a workaround for now. Any other Evernote related add-ons or scripts that people find useful would be much appreciated, as I'm a heavy Evernote user.
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