How do I display 75 business cards in a creative way?
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My a cappella group is having a 20th anniversary bash in August, and I'd like to do something fun to display the set lists that I have collected over the last decade or so. I use the backs of our business cards to write our set lists in different colored pen, including the note to blow before each song, who will be introducing what, and other cryptic scrawls. I have amassed about 75 of these cards, and the group would like to display them as a piece of memorabilia of sorts. I have considered a business card collage, which could be interesting, but I'd like some more ideas. Please help me be crafty!
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Image the collage and silk screen that onto T-shirts? Band logo on the opposite side?
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Could you arrange the cards as a musical symbol, such as a treble or a music note, and have them mounted that way?
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Maybe a couple of photo holders of this type?
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How about recreating a musical staff page on a larger, full piece of foamcore (or similar large board) and pinning the cards throughout (maybe interspersed with other musical notes)? This site offers free printable stuff that you could recreate to fit a larger size.
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My friend displayed photos at her wedding in the following way:

-Get an empty decorative frame
-Stretch like 5 or 6 bits of string across it
-Get some mini clothes pins and clip the photos to the strings with them

No damaging glue involved, pretty easy to set up, more interesting than just sticking them on a wall.
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Scan. Rasterbator up to several sheets of paper each. Wallpaper the room with them.
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