Music memorabilia in London?
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Where can I find britpop memorabilia in London?

Specifically, I'm interested in finding myself some apparel/vinyl/etc. from a couple of 90s britpop bands. I'm in London for one more day and would love to find this stuff instore so as to avoid insane overseas shipping charges. What's the best shop for this sort of thing?
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For records head up to Camden. If it hasn't changed in the 3 years since I left, there are a few good vinyl shops. Wander in to The Good Mixer and imagine your Brit Pop icons playing pool there like it's 1993 and the ghosts of a Friday night crowd of North London kids done up to the nines ready to head off to Blow Up at The Laurel Tree. Don't stay though as the pub isn't up to much nowadays.
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Some at Collectors Records in Kingston (sort-of-London) - Give them a call first
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