Seeking Tongue-in-cheek Latin Grammar Advice
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Hi, As a member of the advisory board of the Butts Institute I've been asked to seek feedback regarding our motto, "recte, rectus, rectum". While I believe the phrase is close to perfect, would any Latin-knowers care to comment on the grammar and rectility of the slogan? Are there any adjustments we can make in order to improve it? Thank you
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I think it would be great to make it make sense:
"Recte rectum rege" — "Rule [your] rectum rightly"
Other similiar options would be
Recte rectum rego I rule [my] rectum rightly
Recte rectum regamus We rule [the] rectum rightly

I guess it depends on what exactly are the aims of the Butts Institute.
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I love xueexueg's post -- just completely wonderful -- but one tiny correction. The last one should read "Recte rectum regimus" ("We rule [the] rectum rightly"), not "Recte rectum regamus" ("Let us rule [the] rectum rightly").
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