Cute, happy, fun (japanese inspired?) clothing for boys?
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Looking for boy's clothing/fashion blogs, preferably for babies and toddlers, but teenagers will do too. It must be happy, cute, fun, and crafty.

+ I'm not looking for retarded "look, I'm a doggy/lion/panda/octopus!" outfits.
+ I'm not looking for rock, punk, grungy, DJ, dressed-up (suits, ties = boring), or gypsy clothing.

+ I am looking for clothes a kid could wear to school/wherever comfortably.
+ I am looking for fun, unusual, crafty, cute, "happy", creative clothing. The closest to what I'm looking for would be japanese street clothing, but even there, the boys look really boring and often just plain creepy, though the girls have the style I'm going for.

I've read Wikipedia pages about japanese street clothing, and didn't find any term with what I'm looking - for the boys.

Modernkiddo = really, really yawn inducing.
Getting warmer.

Fashion sketches, drawings, etc, are OK.
Halp !
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I'm pretty involved with this Facebook group called Boys Be Cool.
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I really like the MADE blog -- and if you click on "The Boy" in the top menu you will see a couple of times a year she does an entire month on boy stuff that sounds similar to what you're looking for.
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Response by poster: Oh, yes, linkie to examples of japanese street clothing.
And while I don't want to see goofy stuff like animal outfits, I'm not opposed to animal hats, armbands and such.
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Japanese clothing for kids... 50% off sale!
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