what is this crafty blog i used to read?
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What is this blog I used to read? Cute, crafty, feminine, featuring pretty things, well-designed goods, etc...written by a hip young Mormon woman in the Pacific Northwest whose husband had red hair and was a painter. They were expecting a baby, like, a year ago. It might have had the word "lovely" involved in the title. Anyone know what this blog was, or if it still exists?
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Hip, young Mormon lady? Maybe dooce?
(I'm kind of rushing, hoping to be the first to get the answer right, sorry if it's wrong :x)
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Best answer: Oh Happy Day?
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Sounds like dooce, although I can't remember if he had red hair.
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Dooce was my first thought too, but her kid is too old, and her husband is a dark-haired web designer, not a painter.
But I found you some links to other Mormon blogs- maybe browsing around through the blogrolls & contributors to the following sites might lead you down a path that would jog your memory. Here's a site networking LDS Mormon bloggers (ie, bloggers who are still approved by the LDS church, unlike Dooce, who's certainly not!), here's a list of Mormon Mommybloggers, here's a site called the Bloggernacle Times, and here's a list of Feminist Mormon Housewife Bloggers.
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Was it Making It Lovely?

There's a pic on the front page of the (currently) pregnant blogger and her red-headed husband.
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I would bet anything that it's Hola Isabel.
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Dudes, Dooce is not a Mormon blog. Yer wan there was raised Mormon, but she's not a practising Mormon in any way, shape or form (despite having moved to Utah) and has not been for nearly a decade.
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Was it Crazy Us?
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I think it is Dooce. Yeah, her kid is too old, but she was pregnant last year with another (there was a miscarriage, she's pregnant again). She's an ex-Mormon, but talks enough about her Mormon history and family that the Mormon part might stick in a casual reader's head while the ex part slips through. She takes photos every day of artsy, feminine, cool designy stuff, so that fits too.
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Response by poster: nice work guys! sorry i didn't get back to you to settle the discussion, but it is definitely Oh Happy Day! And now I have even more blogs to explore. Thanks!
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