Sweet gifts from Portland: where to look?
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Where are some good places in Portland, OR to find handmade, local or edible gifts for my mother?

I just moved to Portland a month ago, and am going back east for Thanksgiving to see my mom and sister. My dad passed away close to New Year's, and naturally it's affected her. Since I can't be there for the anniversary of his passing and won't be around for Christmas either, I was thinking of putting together a nice care-package to either take with me or mail to her closer to Christmas. Trouble is, I'm not entirely sure what to get her-- she doesn't really collect anything (barring expensive handbags and jewelry), and doesn't really have energy for past hobbies (she works as a nurse, and it's constantly stressful for her). Being depressed right now I'm sure she can't really suggest anything that would be something she'd love. So I thought perhaps I could come up with some nice things that were handmade or edible, preferably local. She has a sweet tooth, so things in the chocolate/baked goods realm would work well (nothing fruity or taffy-like though), and I thought perhaps something like apple butter or lemon curd or something might be good, teas, candles, soaps, things like that. (other handmade suggestions are also very much welcomed too.) Basically I'm just looking for some things that can survive a cross-country trip to surprise and pamper her and give her a taste of a different place since she doesn't ever travel. I'd also make her something too, as I'm creative and having a handmade gift will always be a nice added thing.

Being Portland, I know this is the land of local and homemade, but I'm not sure where to start seeking things at; so if you could list off your favorite places I'd love it! Affordable is also a plus, as I am on a bit of a budget.

Thanks all!
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Moonstruck chocolates for one. Steve Smith teas are from the guy who did Stash and Tazo and they are beautifully packaged and delicious. Marionberry jam and a selection of Tillamook cheeses. Also, a pair of super fluffy and luxurious socks.

So sorry about your Dad.
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Crafty Wonderland (the mega fair for all matter of indie crafts) opened up a pop up shop recently. I bet they would have some soaps, candles, and nice houseware things. Looks like their big holiday fair is coming up too.

If I recall correctly, Pastaworks carries some local teas and preserves; there's one on Hawthorne and one on Mississippi. The Hawthorne location also adjoins the garden, kitchen and craft annex of Powell's. There are a lot of nice Mom type items there.

For chocolate there is Sahagun -- they are kinda pricey but wicked awesome!
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Saturday Market? Doesn't that still exist?
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Go to Ecola's in Cannon Beach and get a bunch of their canned seafood.
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Saturday Market! It will fulfill all your needs. I had so much fun there.
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Yep...go to Saturday Market.
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They also have handmade items from cheap to expensive at The Real Mother Goose. There's a big store on Yamhill and a smaller one at Washington Square Mall.
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If you find yourself still looking for something at the last minute, there is a Real Mother Goose store in the Portland Airport. I visit it every time I pass through. It's pricey though.
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Olympic Provisions makes a lot of very tasty and travel-friendly cured meat products, if you want to share this town's pig-focus (and if meat is an option). Add a little bit of your favorite Tillamook cheese, and you have the savory half of a Oregon-sourced picnic.

You might try the Made in Oregon stores (in Pioneer Place and several other locations) for Oregon-produced, but generally not hand-made, preserves, nuts, smoked salmon, mustard, etc. (along with a dazzling array of tchotchkes.)

Stumptown coffee? Teas from Stash or Tazo or Foxfire?

If you find yourself a little bit farther afield in Dundee, I really like the loganberry preserves from Firestone Farms just south of town on 99.
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If you're still looking, Local Goods is another option.
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