Armored Leisure Bra in Odd Size?
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I want a bra I can lounge in without worrying about underwire or having straps dig into my shoulders when I'm lying on my side. I'd also like to be able to answer the door or go on a short walk without my nipples saluting everybody around. There seem to be options until I look for my unusual size (32DD). Is there such a thing as a padded sports bra that will fit the smaller band size without causing boob overflow? Are there other/better options? This is probably impossible, but I'd like to be able to solve this problem on the cheap.

Bonus if I can get it online.

(32DDs are not huge, and I suppose I could increase my band size and decrease my cup size to find something that people actually make - I think that ends up being 34D/36C? - but I have high aspirations of finding a bra that fits snugly at the band and fills nicely without double-rolls or sag.)
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I am a 32DD/E. I have this in a Large C/D - it's very comfy for lounging and supporting enough for intermediately bouncy sports activity too.
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I like Title Nine's bounce section for this need. Unfortunately the bra of theirs I like (Joan's bra) doesn't come in your size, but searching for 32DD and wireless seems to come up with a variety of options.
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(in case you can't see my link - the Nike store won't let me see the US version - here's an ebay link for what looks like the US equivalent in L C/D)
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Response by poster: (Thanks for the added link, corvine - I forgot to mention I was in the U.S. and just updated my location. Is the bra you linked to padded a bit in the front?)
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First things first, make sure you're in the right size by measuring yourself according to the Reddit /r/abrathatfits guide. A 32DD is made for someone with approximately a 32" snug underbust and a 37" bust measurement.

If you're in the right size, the next thing to do is make sure you're choosing the right shape for your body. Different bras have different wire widths, projection, gore heights, gore widths, coverage, etc. There is a lot of information on this on A Bra That Fits. In general, your bra should be able to act almost as a strapless bra before you put your arms through the straps -- support comes from the band; straps are really just intended for cup shaping.

A wireless ("soft cup") bra you might want to try is the Freya Deco softcup. Freya runs a bit loose in the band and a bit big in the cup, so, assuming your true size is 32DD, you may want to get a 30DD [30E would be the same cup volume as 32DD on a tighter band, but you'd probably want to try a cup volume smaller due to it running big in the cup]. Amazon Prime, Asos, and Nordstrom have bras with free shipping and returns.

*Edited bra size/measurements because I misread your post as 34DD instead of 32DD
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I really love my bras from Decent Exposures. They are happy to talk to you on the phone about what you're looking for and how to measure yourself for the right fit, and they do custom things like making your bra with longer straps etc. I don't know that they'll meet your critereon for padded a little in the front, though they do have lined bras. It might be worth looking into. They're not cheap (I pay $45-ish per bra) but I've been buying bras from them for 20 years and they last for years.
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I've had good luck with my Lunaire Coolmaxes in 32DDD (though I am really not exactly that size) while I work up the motivation to get some from Decent Exposures as mentioned above.

The OTHER thing I can recommend are Nippies Skin in adhesive or nonadhesive varieties. As somebody who can really nip out even though pretty padded bras, they've been a godsend. You could combine them with comfier bras without much padding and still not nip out.
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The Moving Comfort Maia bra is my favorite bra ever, and it looks like it comes in your size. Super comfortable for lounging around the house, enough support if I want to do yoga or take a brisk walk. It's not padded per se, but the material is thick enough for modesty.
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it's not padded as such but it's thick double layer fabric. I don't have nipple issues with it.
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Seconding Decent Exposures! They're so great.
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If you can find cheap bras that work for you in every way except providing enough support and enough nipple coverage, consider wearing two or three of them, one on top of the other.
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Get properly measured by an expert bra-fitter. The reason I say this is because you have equated discomfort with underwiring. A well-fitting underwired bra is the most comfortable thing in the world.

You say you're not that huge but actually DD is a big enough size to need a well-structured well-made bra. You will not find what you are looking for without buying in person, I think: firstly in order to be measured and secondly in order to experience how much difference a proper fit makes.

Well you might find what you are looking for online but it will be pure luck, and you probably wouldn't be able to do it twice. (IMO)
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I'm a 32G or F, and I've found good bras at HerRoom and Bare Necessities. The Chantelle and Panache brands in particular have worked well for quality, comfy bras for me.
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I'm a mere 32D and the thought of trying to make due with a 34C makes me shudder (but I'm picky about support.) I really like Wacoal's underwire sports bra, model 855170, which comes in a 32DD. I buy them on ebay for about half price. Not padded but there are two layers of fabric.

To me, a well-fitted underwire sports bra is actually less restrictive than one without. To get good support for large breasts without an underwire, the sports bra has to be TIGHT which squeezes and constricts the boobs a lot. If you have an underwire, the bra can be snug around the chest and form-fitting on the breasts without mashing them down because the tightness around the chest and the fit of the cups are independent of each other.
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I am your size, have several of these items, and while I couldn't tell you what the brands were, I know I got them at Marshall's and TJ Maxx for less than 15 bucks. Check out both the lingerie and athletic wear sections.
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I bought some cheap ($10) sports bras at Academy that have removable (why would you ever remove them?) pads. I have serious nipple issues, and they provide decent coverage. They come in small, medium, and large.
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My lovely 30G wife found some that she likes at CVS, of all places -- 2 to a pack for around $10. I was shocked by this -- she usually has to go online or to Nordstrom for anything that fits.
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Response by poster: Thanks for all the fantastic responses! This will be a great resource for me for regular bras, as well.

The issue with wires in this case is that I occasionally spend long periods down. While my new correctly-sized bras (I was wearing 34C before) are much more comfortable, the wires press on my ribs when I lie on my side, just like any little lump would. They also don't really budge much now, which means that any position that pushes my shoulder up causes more strap digging from the non-stretchy straps on standard bras. Still, I appreciate the wired-bra suggestions, because I do wear them in general.
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Nippies Skin!? Pads? Who knew? As someone whose nipples elicit "Is it cold in here?" remarks (Haha. How original, asshole) even when not erect, I just use band-aids with my sports bras.
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FYI the Herroom website has a "no wires" search category.
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I buy bras with underwire because they are always prettier. I had the same problem with the wire digging into my ribs. One day I got sick of it and just decided to remove the wire. Snipped a little hole at the end and just pushed the wire out. Worked great and solved my problem. I do this now with all my bras.
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