sundress + sportsbra-like thing?
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brafilter: I am looking for something that acts like a bra but doesn't look like one in the back...

I'm a chesty girl (30Eish). I've got a pretty good collection of Freya and Chantelles and Elle MacPs that treat me nicely. However, sometimes I like to wear strappy or low-back sundresses, the kind that would really look best with no bra. However, that is simply not an option for me, Neither is a strapless. Lately, I've taken to wearing sportsbras to solve this problem. They look like tanktops but are less bulky (bra+tank+dress=bunching and lines and ugh). But most of mine are either too wimpy or too industrial looking. Anyone got idea for bras that I wouldn't mind people seeing in the back? Something without adjustable straps or backclasps would be ideal...
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It's not exactly what you've asked for, but you might want to check out the lingerie from Marlies|Dekkers. She's a Dutch designer who does gorgeous lingerie that's specifically designed to be visible - they often have more straps rather than less, but look fantastic on. Here's a Flickr group of women wearing her bras under clothes, to give you an idea of what they look like. I own a few myself and can vouch for their comfort and quality overall - it's a great brand!
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I'm not much of an expert in bras, but I was looking at Uniqlo's website today and they're promoting the Bratop right now.
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Have you thought about wearing a swimsuit bikini top? You'd get the support of a bra, in pretty fabric, fashionable design, and finishes meant to be seen.
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Have you ever looked at sundresses by Shoshanna? I know she usually designs bra-friendly (or bra-inclusive) youthful dresses and swimwear.
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You might also want to check out Bravissimo's clothing collection, which includes built-in-bra strappy tops for up to an H cup. It's a UK company but they ship internationally. They also have built-in-bra nightwear, which is a godsend for me!
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what about a slip or a cami that's also shapewear, so it shouldn't bunch? I use one by Spanx (over my bra) for this -- it's an XL and I'm 36/38-DD/E.
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Google "backless bra" and see if those might work. A "low back bra" could do as well.
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Are you still in Massachusetts? If so you should check out Intimacy in Boston. They specialize in bras for chesty women. My girlfriend buys almost all her bras from them.
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Best answer: This bra is fantastic for large sizes, and looks like a smooth tank in the back. And it's super comfortable: Unbelievabra
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Are you looking for something like the low back bra? basically has extended back closure that wraps around your stomach to make a super low back... you can find ones with sturdier straps than this vic sec one!
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You could possibly try a cami bra...they're basically bras with a lace panel built in at the top to function as a bra and a cami. They look kind of ridiculous on their own, but I have a few and they're actually pretty comfy if you can find one that fits- and there's only 1 strap, so it just looks like a tank. I also have a few that I made by taking a pretty well fitting bra (I actually got a few cheap ones from Ross in my size) and adding on a band of fabric. On one with really obvious clasps that tended to ride up, I added a tube of fabric all the way around- it's basically a bra covered by a tube of fabric.

The low back bra sounds like it would be a good idea, but I wear a 42C, have only ever found one in my size, and there was absolutely NO support...I can only imagine with an E cup.
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