Buying sports bras in Ottawa and Montreal
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What are the best brands of sports bras and where are the best places to buy them in either Ottawa or Montreal?

I'm heading to Ottawa and Montreal next week and am planning on shopping for sports bras. In regular bras, I usually wear 34H or 36G (UK sizes) depending on the brand so I always buy at boutiques and get a proper fitting. Larger chain stores like SportChek are out of the question as they never carry anything close to my size. I'll have access to a vehicle so location is not an issue.

So where is the best place to buy sports bras in the vicinity of Ottawa and Montreal? And what are the best brands for busty ladies like myself who are very active? As far as costs go, I'd like to keep it under $120 but I'd go more expensive for a great product. Thanks all!
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Best brand: Enell. THE BEST! People on Metafilter taught me that and they were not wrong.
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Best answer: I'm your bra size twin, so I sympathize -- it's not easy to shop for the likes of us.

Brachic in Ottawa and Lingerie Debra in Montreal get a lot of love online from women seeking proper bra fittings. (Note: I live in the U.S. and can't vouch for either of them.)

Bra blogs like Bras I Hate and Love and Hourglassy can give you some ideas of sports bras that work (and don't) for athletically inclined large-breasted women. (There are lots of other blogs out there -- these are just two that I refer to often.)

They like the Enell that ThePinkSuperHero mentioned. Here are the Hourglassy review and the Bras I Hate review. I'm partial to Moving Comfort's Fiona for its wicking ability and back closure (though it may not be the thing for the highest-impact activities). Good luck!
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Best answer: Panache Sport

Here's a list of brick and mortar stores that have a full bust range (CTRL+F for Ontario/Quebec)

As always, "professional" fitters are hit or miss -- you can size yourself using the A Bra That Fits wiki. Panache Sport is available online, often for cheaper than can be found in store.
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I am really fond of my Panache underwire sports bra and my Shock Absorber sports bra top, both of which are sized for bustier ladies and feel like BOOB ARMOR when I'm wearing them, which makes me want to KICK SOME WORKOUT ASS.

I've heard great things about the Enell, but can't get over the old-lady-bra look of it to actually order one to try on.
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I'm a fan of Moving Comfort's Maia bra. The largest cups are a bit small on me, but I can deal with it in running clothes and I haven't had a problem with chafing.

In terms of where to buy, I would suggest the same bra boutiques you've been shopping at or a larger Bay store.

In Toronto, I would send you to The Runner's Shop if you wanted an alternative to a bra boutique.
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Another Moving Comfort fan and they available at places like REI and running stores. Even in larger cup sizes generally.
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There's no REI in Montreal, but you can get Moving Comfort sports bras at MEC, which is similar to REI. I bought one there recently myself, specifically the Fiona model, which is the best sports bra I've ever had.
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I particularly recommend Moving Comfort of you are at all tall or lean. The straps on the Enell and Shock Absorber aren't long enough for me in the correct band size.
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