Stupid boobs.
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Agony! A discontinued bra style. Help me find a similar replacement!

My absolute favourite bra in the whole wide world (the sports bra at MEC) is being discontinued (woe!) and they're out of my size (double woe!) so I need something similar.

Does the hivemind have any recs for comfortable, not hideously expensive bralette-style plain sports bras out there? Regular 'mashy' sports bras are a no go - I break out in hives if a bra's too tight, and this MEC one had the perfect balance of seamless support without having to do a boa constrictor move on one's ribcage (and only for 23 dollars! Canadian ones!). I'm small-chested, but, er, would rather not have little headlights going on while I'm working out, so it can't be a light meshy fabric, either - I tried on a Patagonia bra and there was nothing left to the imagination. I know lululemon has some nice bras, but they're quite expensive and I've not tried that brand on before. If I fall in love with a bra then to be honest cost will most probably fly out the window, but ideally this wouldn't make my credit card weep.
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Best answer: I use these cami style sports bras by Champion as sleep bras. I can't vouch for the kind of support they provide as I have a large bust and use these bras only for lounging around the house, but I think they meet all of your needs. They're also cheap at Target.
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Not a big fan of Walmart, nor have I looked at these specifically, but I think they'd work well for you:

Seamless Sports Bra

The seamless aspect seems important. Good luck!
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I have two C9 seamless bras from Target that I like, one in the spaghetti-strap style and one with the thicker straps. They're comfortable and offer enough support for lower-impact activities (I am larger-chested, though). However, they are on the thinner side, so headlights might still be an issue.

There is another C9 bra that I can't find on the Target site, but see in stores every now and then - it's a thicker fabric and has a crossover V front, with removable cups - and it is the most supportive bra I've found outside of the heavy-duty stuff I run in. (I've found that most bras/tops that come with the removable cups get significantly more supportive if you put the cups in.)

All of my C9 bras are a size or two smaller than what I wear in their tops, because they're so stretchy that they wouldn't do much at my regular size. None of them feel tight or crushing, though.
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Best answer: Title Nine has a great selection of sports bras for every cup size, activity, strap preference, support preference.
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Response by poster: You guys are awesome, full-stop.
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