Does anyone know how I can get my hands on this bra?
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I bought the best bra I've ever worn (Wonderbra 5126) in Montreal last year and would desperately love to have at least a few more. Apparently it is not available outside of Canada. I have not been able to find any online shops that sell it. Does anyone know how I can get my hands on one (or two)? Thanks. :)
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I usually set up an e-Bay search alert for items like this. I get an e-mail if any new items are listed within my search parameters.
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Post it to Jobs and hope a generous Montreal MeFite picks it up?
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I'm sure there are lots of Canadians who would be happy to arrange things. I don't live in a large metropolis, but can have a look next time I'm in the nearest WalMart. Feel free to MeMail.
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Montreal Mefite here, memail me and we can work something out. I'm a big girl with big girls who appreciates the Hunt for the Perfect Bra. :D
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I'm in Canada and would be happy to ship to you.
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E-bay is the best for bras.
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I'd suggest you contact the store. I am in the US too. I got the world's best hand and body lotion ( from a store in Kelowna, and have repeatedly ordered from the lovely proprietors via email exchanges with them -- including ordering a gift for a friend who concurs it is the best lotion ever.
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Best answer: also in Canada, also willing to help you out if other MeFites don't have luck finding what you're after. just memail me.
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