The prison won't let our guests stay there....we asked.
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Our go-to cheap Philly hotel just closed. Help us find an alternate for our wedding guests.

We’re in the midst of designing the invites for our wedding and have run into a major hurdle with the hotel. We initially wanted to have two options: a cheaper hotel located very close to our venue and a more expensive but nicer hotel located somewhere in Center City. We aren’t concerned about the expensive option since there are plenty of nice hotels in Philly but we recently found out that our cheap option is scheduled for demolition. Surprise!

We were going to go with the Best Western in Fairmount since the rates were about $170 a night and it was located about five blocks from our venue. Finding a replacement hotel that meets all these requirements is simply not going to happen but we’d like to find something in a not sketchy area for around $200 a night. If the hotel offered parking for a reasonable rate, all the better.

Googling is getting me nowhere fast. I’ll see ads offering rooms for $100 a night but the real rates wind up being close to $400 a night for our selected dates (April 25-27 since our wedding is on April 26th).

We are open to choosing a hotel outside of the city, close to the airport, but as a last resort.

Help us find a cheapish Philly hotel!
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I can't tell if the Alexander Inn has any vacancies, but it's worth calling?
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Nthing The Alexander Inn. I have had really good experiences there. The rooms are very small but clean and the staff is helpful.
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The real issue is that it's the weekend of the Penn Relays, which much to my naive surprise is causing rates to skyrocket across the entire city, not just University City. (Our block in Society Hill is roughly 200 a night, which I'm not thrilled about but the rest of the hotel is booked so it's something at least.) If you can get a cheaper block outside the city, especially one with shuttle service, I would go for it. Is Conshy at all comparable timewise to the airport? I'm also verbally suggesting Air BnB for younger guess who are comfortable with taking their chances, but there weren't a lot of cheaper options close to our side of town anyway.
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Thirding Alexander Inn.
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4thing Alexander. Great location for tourists as well.
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The #other# Society Hill Hotel on 3rd St...can't link now but look on Google hotel finder.
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Here are the prices I'm seeing on Travelocity for City Center.

My suggestion is that you tour a few of the properties in the appropriate price range, and then ask for a special "wedding rate" for your guests. You can usually set aside a block of rooms and even arrange for the hotel to distribute "gift bags" and whatnot.
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