iPad browser controls stupidly opposite of those on iPhone; fixable?
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I want the forward/back controls in my browser on iPad to be at the bottom of the screen, same as they are on my iPhone. I don't see any way to do this in Safari or Chrome. My thumb insists on doing it the iPhone way (and quite logically because that's where my thumb already is while holding the device). It is driving me crazy. Please tell me there's a way.
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The sideways swiping gesture for forwards/back works the same on both devices.
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Response by poster: Should have mentioned--this swiping business doesn't work well for me, takes numerous tries every time, I guess due to some quirk of skin texture or dryness. I just want to tap.
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Please tell me there's a way.

Nope. Sorry.

this swiping business doesn't work well for me

FWIW I had trouble with this too until I realized you have to start the swipe offscreen for it to work -- swipe from the edge of the device in rather than putting your finger in the window and starting to swipe from there. Once I figured that out it quickly became a very natural gesture that I very much miss when in apps that don't support it (Facebook I'm looking at you)
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Response by poster: Well, crap. Okay, thanks. This seems like such ridiculously bad design to me. Surely I can't be the only one with this complaint.
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