A way to search flights with flexible location, but inflexible days?
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Is there a flight search engine that lets you say your From location, leave the To location blank and set the date?

I'm taking a family trip to Italy for certain set days, but for a few days before that my sister and I wanted to spend a little time together somewhere else in Europe, since we'd be over there anyway (we're in the US).

So, we've been trying a whole bunch of combinations of multitrip and one way options, but what would really be better is if we could search for specific days but without specific destinations and just see what some of the cheapest ones were. Is there an app for that?
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Best answer: Kayak Explore.
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ITA matrix search engine that google created for travelers.
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ITA Matrix needs a destination. Won't work.
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Best answer: Just discovered Google Flight Search. You can put in a country or continent along with fixed dates.
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Skyscanner. You can put "Everywhere" then narrow by country+price for your destination. I've only used their iPhone app (which has a fun globe search), but they appear to have a website search engine as well.
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Adioso lets you put 'anywhere' or 'international' or 'Europe' in the destination box and it'll tell you what's cheap that satisfies your requirements.
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