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Hi. I'd like to shoot things and blow things up with my guy. We have a PS2 that's been gathering dust for years, largely due to the fact that the last time we tried to shoot things and blow things up it was a disaster.

We played Medal of Honor, and were totally lost from the first moment. Why was everyone dressed alike? How the hell do I know what my objective is? Who is the enemy? Can't I just shoot everyone?

I'd like CLEARLY LABELED enemies, please, and simple objectives. No teams to coordinate. It doesn't even have to be a FPS, just a game that two can play where we can maybe shoot each other sometimes? Or lob tomatoes at each other? Doesn't have to be violent, even.

I know this is vague. Help me.
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Here's a list compiled in 2010 of some popular cooperative PS2 games.

I will recommend the Twisted Metal series from the list, which has a gameplay mode that allows you to shoot/compete against each other. There are a number of iterations in the series, but it can be pretty fun.
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I believe Star Wars Battlefront (I and II) are the games you are looking for.

My partner and I still have a great time with these after many years of play.
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The Timesplitters series would probably be exactly what you're describing and are among the best multiplayer FPS games for the PS2. I think you'd want to be looking at games that were released during the first few years of the console's release.

I also agree that the Twisted Metal series, particularly Twisted Metal: Black are exactly up your ally and really great games. Basically you control different cars that are equipped with various weapons and unique special abilities, driving around destructible environments and trying to destroy all the other opponents. And yeah, you can shoot at ALL THE THINGS!!! including both opponents and environmental structures to revel in complete destruction. I remember when this game was released it was breathtaking on a technical level and still holds up well. It's a dark game but very fun, even if you don't really like car games in general.
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TF2 is dead simple, and it's free. You can both join the same Mann vs. Machine map and gun down endless hoards of evil robots together.

There's also a short co-op section at the end of Portal 2 that is super fun.
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Ratchet Deadlocked has coop play -- it's an arena setting, and you have all sorts of gadgets with which to obliterate things. It's a departure from the usual series, which I love!, but you still get the goofy weapons and it's always pretty clear who you're going after. I don't recall whether you can ambush each other.
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My son and I really enjoyed Baldur's Gate in cooperative 2-player mode. Swords/spells instead of shooting/explosions though.
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Seconding Time Splitters!
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Katamari has a co-op mode that is alternately incredibly fun and incredibly frustrating.
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TF2 is dead simple, and it's free. You can both join the same Mann vs. Machine map and gun down endless hoards of evil robots together.

There's also a short co-op section at the end of Portal 2 that is super fun.

Neither of those are on the PS2.
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If you're in Europe or your PS2 is modded and can play PAL games, get Global Defence Force, the localised version of Earth Defence Force 2. This review of the 360 remake of EDF1 should give you an idea of what to expect, and the PS2 title is superior in every way apart from the lack of voiced dialogue.
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Not PS2, but if you both have computers you can play quake live for free online. It meets your gaming criteria to the letter.
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The PS2 is backwards compatible with most PlayStation (PS1) games (you'll need a PS1 memory card to save your game data). Multiplayer games like Worms Armageddon (PS1) fit your description. The Worms series went 3D with Worms 3D for the PS2.
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I had friends that played timesplitters for more hours than reasonably considered healthy, they enjoyed it a hell of a lot.

If nonFPS games are acceptable, and as you mentioned, blowing each other up is part of the fun, might I suggest Bomberman? A square, random obstacles, randomized power ups, and dropping bombs to destroy your opponent. Fast paced, hella fun.
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