Suggestions needed for romantic deliveries before the big proposal
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On the day I'm planning to propose, I want to flood my partner with deliveries at the office. I'm already planning on: flowers, fruit basket, balloon-o-gram. I'm hoping for additional suggestions of items to send. Difficulty level - gluten free. Bonus question - looking for a courier who will deliver in east Toronto/Scarborough (for gluten free baked goods, which I need to source - recommendations?)

I will show up unexpected at the office, ideally catching her outside on a coffee break
(am working with an colleague to coordinate)
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Can't help much, but have you seen this article about the best gluten-free bakeries in Toronto?
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Why not get some really odd things delivered, like a pizza or a UPS package? The pizza could be in the shape of a heart, and the UPS package could have a bunch of helium balloons in it with love notes tied to the strings. When she opened it up they would all come flying out! FUN!

Also, make REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEALLY sure that your girlfriend is the type that would like this public grand gesture proposal. I would have but I know a lot of people don't like being the center of attention like this.
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Guy in an elf suit saying that She's his mother. If that doesn't make her laugh but throw her at the same time - nothing will.
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Is your fruit basket an edible arrangement?
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A gorilla singing telegram. You should be able to find a service in any major city.
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Also the gorilla should sing a song about how you're bananas for her.
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I agree with odd things. The stuff you have picked out will tip her off to the surprise.
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Bunner's, a gluten-free bakery in the Junction, delivers by courier anywhere in the GTA for $12 on top of the price of your order.
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I agree with one of the above posters in making sure your gf would appreciate a public proposal, and that it would clue her into the fact that you are planning on proposing

I highly recommend you get the book "How to Propose Without Screwing up: 50 Common Mistakes you Won't Know You're Making and How to Avoid Them" at
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Just as a side thought, if there is a receptionist or someone that will have to let the delivery people in or otherwise facilitate, throw in a gift for them too, because that's distracting work and it would be good to have them on your side.
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Another note on Bunner's, I found their macaroons to be really weird, but their cupcakes to be excellent. The brownies were also quite good (gluten-free brownies are actually often as good as the regular thing, so that's not a surprise) and the butter tarts were kinda meh.
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Yeah, as well as making sure that your GF won't mind the show, also make sure that her workplace won't? There are stuffy places who would discipline or fire someone for causing a disruption (even if the disruption wasn't their fault).

That said, then you need to recruit someone to go in with a baby (preferably after a lot of other deliveries) and say that they were supposed to deliver this baby, and then look at the shipping label again and say "whoops, never mind."
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You could send chocolates (generally are gluten-free, though of course check) or a tiara. I assume your girlfriend loves grand romantic gestures, even at work*, and I think it's a great idea that she can anticipate your proposal somewhat. (Completely out of the blue proposals seem like they'd lead to the scene in In Plain Sight, where Raph hides a ring in a cupcake, but his girlfriend isn't hungry and has no idea what he's up to. So instead they fight over why on earth he's trying to make her eat when she's not hungry.)

*and if she might prefer not at work, deliveries on the weekend to her place seem like they would work just as well.
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Pizza pizza still does the heart shaped pizza (...I ordered one last night) and you are missing a golden opportunity if you don't have someone deliver a Baggie of white rock candy and glass tube with a little flower from a convience shop to her.... Since she is at work I would be tempted to get a delivery from grand & toy of really nice office supplies - things she would never purchase for herself but would appreciate for a long time (like a really nice stapler, fancy pens etc).

You can also still get telegrams delivered in Toronto, which is a lovely, old fashioned idea.
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One of my college friends was bowled over when her suitor delivered things to impress The Five Senses: flowers for smell, some chocolate for taste, etc. The guys who knew her were most impressed. (She married him, BTW, if that's any endorsement.)
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There are huge quality and taste differences among gluten free baked goods. I would recommend having any baked goods delivered that you haven't tasted yourself. Same goes for pizza crust.
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