Looking for a cognitive therapist in Ulster County, NY!
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My father has recently suffered brain trauma and needs cognitive therapy. He is at a rehab center now but we are hoping to move him to outpatient soon. First we need to find a good cognitive (and possibly occupational) therapist. He lives in the Kingston/New Paltz area of New York.

As discussed in my past few questions, my father had a serious accident about a month ago where he fell 30 feet out of a tree. He suffered brain trauma, plus broken ribs and a fractured pelvis. He is currently at a rehab center undergoing physical, speech, occupational, and cognitive therapy. He's hoping to come home soon and continue his therapy as an outpatient. Unfortunately the center he's been at these past couple weeks does not do outpatient therapy so we need to find some therapists quickly!

I think we have the PT lined up already (and he's made a miraculous physical recovery, so he won't need much of that). Speech is totally fine. It's the cognitive therapy that he really, REALLY needs right now. I'm at a loss as to how to find a therapist. I've looked at search engines online but I'd really like personal recommendations. In a nutshell, his memories and his personality are intact, thank god, but what needs help is his ability to concentrate/focus/reason.

SO can anybody recommend a good cognitive therapist that's near the Kingston/New Paltz/Woodstock area? Preferably one that accepts Medicare, but if they're amazing, I'll pay anything. I just want the best for my dad.
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Can the rehab center not give you a referral? Can your father's GP or internist be a resource?
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Response by poster: He doesn't have a GP. I guess the rehab center he's in will recommend someone but I was hoping maybe someone here had personal experience or recommendations!
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I guess the rehab center he's in will recommend someone

It would be unusual for them to discharge him without a continuing treatment plan in place, aye.
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This person is a social worker, rather than a cognitive therapist, but I think she would be a good resource for a referral: Barbara Sarah.
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