Need some great Summer 2013 songs for a playlist
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I'm making a Summer Jamz 2k13 playlist for a few BBQs I'll be hosting this month, and I'm looking for more songs to add to the rotation. Despite my best efforts I'm a little out of both the indie/hipster loop and the R&B/rap/pop sensation loop, so I'm turning to you for help.

I am looking for new songs - released this year or maybe last year. Sound-wise, think: dancey sparkly happy groovy. Something that makes you dance in your chair at work, or at least sway or tap your foot. The idea for the playlist came from Get Lucky, which is obviously the opening jam, and things along that line are what I'm aiming for. Leaning more towards electronica, dance, pop, R&B, alternative/rock if the sound is right, and away from more low-fi, slow, or ballad-y stuff like folk or country.

This is the playlist so far.

I'm assuming anyone can see that spotify link, but if not some of the songs/artists include
Get Lucky - Daft Punk
Genesis - Grimes
Light Out - Javelin
Pusher Love Girl - Justin Timberlake
Recover - CHVRCHES
Closer - Tegan and Sara
Q.U.E.E.N. - Janelle Monáe

They don't have to be the greatest examples of songwriting in the history of time - this is more about capturing the feel of this particular summer and having a good time in the backyard. Major bonus points for the songs being on Spotify, since that's where I'm pulling this together for now, but I'm not opposed to buying singles if I have to. Thanks!
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Icona Pop - I Love It.
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I was afraid Kelly Clarkson's new single "People Like Us" (which is from the "It Gets Better" school of bouncy pop anthem already well trod by Katy Perry, Pink, and Lady Gaga) is going to be the gay bar pop anthem of 2013, but the more I hear it, the more okay with that I am.

(For the record, I adore Kelly Clarkson but wasn't sold on the song originally)
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It's on Spotify, and I'd suggest something off "Anxiety" by Ladyhawke (it always strikes me as a kaz album when I hear it), maybe Vaccine or Blue Eyes (but it's got that happy groove, not necessarily cheerful lyric thing going on)? (My personal fave is the Quick & the Dead but that might be a little heavy for your vibe)
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I like your playlist. Let's see what I can come up with (these are all on Spotify):

Death Grips - Get Got
Howler - Back of Your Neck
Tanlines - All of Me
Robert Glasper - Black Radio
Reptar - Sebastian
Antibalas - Dirty Money
The Whigs - Waiting
Jukebox the Ghost - Somebody
Eternal Summers - Millions
BOY - Little Numbers
Pillow Fight - Get Your Shit Together
Atlas Genius - If So
!!! - Get that Rhythm Right
Generationals - Put a Light On
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A couple from last year that sounds like summery jams:

"Lupine Dominus" - Thee Oh Sees
"Apocalypse Dreams" - Tame Impala
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The new Daft Punk is about half dance tunes and completely addicting. Also check out Chvrches (singles from 2012) and Metric's 2012 album.
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Wild Belle - Keep You
Coco O. - Where the Wind Blows

If the liking the new Daft Punk album inspired your list, this Vulture article suggests 30 older albums you'd also like, with track suggestions for each. (I too liked the DP album so I actually already created a Spotify list with all the tracks that I could find from this article, so let me know if you want it and I'll share.)
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I am working on essentially this playlist too, and I'm relying a lot on WITR's top 20 (left sidebar).
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Lose Yourself to Dance on the new Daft Punk is the by far best single on the album (there, I said it). Perfect for your playlist.
Going a little further back to last year, anything from Channel ORANGE by Frank Ocean - just a great album start to finish.
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Also Back 2 the Wild by Basement Jaxx is plenty of fun.
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From Nowhere - Dan Croll
Anna Sun - Walk the Moon!
Tightrope - Walk the Moon!
Carried Away - Passion Pit
Thrift Shop - Macklemore!
Can't Hold Us - Macklemore!

I'm still going to ponder on this. Along the lines of hip hop, check out Childish Gambino. Not everything is dance-y but there are some that would be awesome. Nearly all are good though in my opinion.
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St Lucia - Before the Dive
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Awesome songs and enough overlap with my taste that I'm going to go gauge a couple of my playlists for ideas. Range of dancey to poolside chillin with a cocktail:

Club 8 - I'm not gonna grow old
Marsheaux - Self Control
St. Lucia - September
Slagsmålsklubben - Snälla TV plz (yeah it's a mouthfull, but I promise do it. also you have some awesome scandinavian stuff on there already)
Wiley - I'm Skanking - the 2 Bears remix
Druid Cloak - Glyph of Moonfire
Bingo Players - L'amour
Flume - Insane feat. Moon Holiday
Punks Jump Up - Blockhead (anything by them, really though)
Pretty Lights - Hot Like Sauce
Little Daylight - Overdose
Mano Le Tough - Dropping Bombs
A Trak - Tuna Melt, Money Makin'
Maya Jane Coles - Easier to Hide
Hotel Mexico - G.I.R.L.
Oliver - MYB
N'to - Every Wall is a Door, 004
Mister Tweeks - Raveland
Yes/No - Fake Blood

I could literally go on all day but hopefully some of that was useful.
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Feel So Close - Calvin Harris
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Jessie Ware - "Imagine It Was Us"
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Young Galaxy - "Pretty Boy"
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!!! - One Girl/One Boy
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